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Product Specs

What material is your perforated window decal made out of?

Our perforated window decals are made from a calendered adhesive vinyl material. This material provides a great looking decal that is also durable enough to withstand exterior use. It consists of a 50:50 ratio of micropunctures to solid surface.

How do I know where my perforated decal will be transparent or allow one-way visibility?

Perforated window decals are the ultimate solution for those seeking one-way visibility on windows by using a decal or window graphic. As mentioned above, the perforated decal is made up of tiny micropunctures across the entire surface area of the decal. These micropunctures allow for one way visibility even when your decal covers the entire surface area of a window.

This one way visibility will be for store or homeowners looking from the inside to the outside of the store. For customers or patrons approaching the store or window they will see the design printed on the decal but will not be able to see through it. While there may be some ability to see in despite the decal, this is largely dictated by the situation and what is printed. Customers approaching a store front at night and looking into a lit store will be able to see more than during daytime hours. Further, a large decal with a design that features dark colors and covers the majority of the surface area will be much less transparent than a smaller design or lighter colors.

Regardless of the slight variations in visibility, design, and situation custom perforated window decals are an excellent option for storefront advertising that obscures the inside of the store and entices customers to come in while advertising a beautiful graphic!

How big is each micropuncture?

The micropunctures have a Hole diameter of 1.5 mm (.06 inches) in size. In other words, they are very small. In aggregate they cover 50% of your decal.

Do you offer other types of decals?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of window signage solutions, including other types of window decals.

First, we offer custom window clings. Static clings are a great alternative to the semi-permanent window decals we offer as they can be applied and removed as many times as you might need. They “cling” to a window rather than use an adhesive.

Additionally, we offer several different types of custom window decals. Clear window decals are transparent wherever they aren’t printed and can be placed on the inside or outside of your window. Placing it on the inside so customers can see it from the outside is called “inside glass” or “reverse print” and is a great advantage for stores or homes located in harsh climates. Opaque window decals offer a fully opaque window sign regardless of where it is printed. An “inside glass” option is not possible with opaque window decals due to the default opaque nature of the material itself.

We also offer perforated, clear and opaque car decal options for those seeking to use vehicle decals as a way to advertise a home or small business.

Are vinyl window decals the same thing as window stickers or window graphics?

For all intents and purposes the terms window stickers, window graphics and window decals are interchangeable. Or at the very least the use of these terms will generally be understood. Having said that any knowledgeable sign company will undoubtedly ask a few questions to make sure you are getting what you want.

This is because of the fact that clings and decals, which could both be called window graphics, are extremely different in how they work. Clings have no adhesive property and are repositionable. Decals on the other hand act more like a sticker and are semi-permanent in nature due to the adhesive backing used to adhere to the window. Attempting to remove and reposition a window decal will not work. Doing so with clings will take less than a minute or two to do.

So as long as you’re clear on the difference between clings and decals as well as the transparency provided by the different decal options we’ll understand you if you use the term window graphic or window sticker.

How thick are your perforated window decals?

The actual thickness of our custom perforated window decals is about 140 microns (.0055 inches). This would be comparable to the thickness of a couple of pieces of normal printer paper. In other words, they are extremely thin!

What is the lifespan of your perforated window decals?

The estimated lifespan of our perforated window decals is 5+ years with proper installation and maintenance. The lifespan can vary quite a bit depending on the situation and usage.

Perforated decals placed on interior windows like an office setting can easily last 5+ years. Decals used on the exterior of a storefront that is located in a harsh climate may last anywhere from 3-5 years.

Further, decals that are damaged when washing the windows or even peeled away by passersby will obviously not last as long as one that is simply installed and not touched again.

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my decal?

The actual printing should last the duration of the decal as we print with UV ink that is also fade and abrasion resistant.

As noted above the constant exposure to the elements can reduce the lifespan of your perforated decal. Nonetheless, even in the harshest of climates we’ve typically seen the decals last several years.

Can the decals be cut to shape? Individual letters?

Perforated decals are typically not used for vinyl lettering or individually cut letters. If you are interested in this type of window decal please visit our vinyl lettering product page.

Perforated window decals can technically be either cut custom with boarder (previously known as or somethimes referred to as halo cut) or custom cut (previously known as contour cut). “Custom With Boarder” means that your decal would be cut to shape with a small border left around the perimeter of the decal. “Custom” is the exact same thing but will not retain a small border.

While these cut-to-shape choices are technically possible to do, they aren’t typically necessary. The vast majority of those ordering perforated window decals simply fill the entire window with the decal and rely on the micropunctures for transparency. If you are still interested in a cut to shape perforated window decal you may do so by selecting one of our shape options.

Can I order a decal with rounded corners? What about other shapes?

Yes! you can choose to design your perforated window decal with 1/4″ rounded corners or 1″ rounded corners.

In addition to the custom shape options available, you can also chose to have your perforated window decal cut to the shape a square/rectangle or circle/oval. All of these options can be found in the design tool. Please contact us at support@signs.com or call us 888-222-4929 if you have any questions about the various cut options you have for your winodw decal!

How small or big can my perforated window decal be?

Our printers are large format printers that are capable of printing billboards and even signs much larger than that. While this means that we are able to print fairly big signs it also limits how small we can print our signs. Big printers trying to print incredibly small window decals simply do not result in a good looking decal. The minimum and maximum sizes of our perforated window decals are listed below. If your specifications fall outside these areas please contact us and we’ll see if there is any way to get you your decal printed at the size required.

The minimum size of our perforated window decals is 6”x6”.

The maximum size of our perforated window decals is 53”x11998”. 🙂 In other words, assuming at least one of your dimensions is under 53” then we can print your decal!

What if my decal has more than 2 colors? Will it cost more?

All of our signs, including our custom perforated window decals, are printed in full color. Thus, whether you want 1 color or 100 your design, it will not impact the cost of your decal! We even offer free design services. Keep this in mind as your price shopping for window decals and always ask the sign company whether they print in full color or not.


Will my perforated decal damage or ruin my window?

No. Assuming proper installation and removal instructions are followed then your perforated decal shouldn’t damage your window in any way. Full installation and removal instructions can be found below.

What are perforated window decals typically used for?

The two most common uses of a custom perforated window decal are exterior storefronts and internal offices. Decals for exterior storefronts are a great way to attract customers, obscure outside visibility for security reasons and add professionalism to any store. Likewise, decals for internal offices can provide privacy for an office while still allowing them to see out. The same could be said of conference and break rooms. These are just a couple of examples but perforated decals due to their one way visibility are a sought after window sign in a variety of businesses and situations.

Will the decal impact the transparency of my window/storefront?

Yes. Perforated decals are produced using a material that allows for one way visibility. This means that anyone inside of the room or building will be able to see out while those on the outside looking in will not be able to see through the decal.

If there must be two way visibility we would recommend our clear window decals which are full transparent except for where they are printed.

Can I place my decal on the inside of my storefront/window and have it be visible to those outside?

A number of our window signs (clear window decals, clear window clings) offer this option but perforated decals do not. Due to the material used for the perforated decals a “reverse print” or “inside glass” option is not available. These must be placed on the outside of the room or storefront of where you want it to be placed.

Can the decal be used only on a glass surface?

The ideal surface for the perforated window decals is a clean and smooth glass surface. Nonetheless, they typically work on any smooth nonporous surface. They will definitely not work on any unsmooth (stucco, brick, etc) or porous (think window screen) surface.

If you intend on placing them anywhere other than a glass surface don’t hesitate to ask us whether it will work and we’ll be able to tell you.

Installation & Care

Does my decal have a backing? How do I remove it?

Similar to our other decals that use an adhesive to adhere to your window the perforated window decal has a backing that protects the adhesive side of the decal. Once removed the decal will be ready to be applied to the window.

But before you remove the very thin backing that protects the adhesive side please read through the installation instructions and make sure you are prepared to install it right away!

How do I install my perforated window decal?

The first step to installing your perforated window decal is to clean the window with a non-abrasive rag or cloth. Strong cleaners should be avoided as the purpose of cleaning it initially is just to give the decal a fresh surface to be adhered to. Often, simply using water to clean the surface area of the window is sufficient. Once it has had the chance to air dry you are ready for the next step.

The next step is to carefully remove the backing of the decal. Make sure that this is done gently and slowly so that the backing comes off clean and you don’t tear the decal which is 50% micropunctures!

The most difficult step, though it really isn’t that difficult, is applying the actual decal to the window. Unlike some of our other window decals water should NOT be used during the installation process! Rather, the decal can be “tacked” or lightly pressed against the window in the corners. If you’re installing a larger decal with more than one person it can be tacked in two corners as described in the question below. This will help the decal stay in place while you slowly and more firmly press the decal against the window without air bubbles getting in. The easiest way to do this is to work in one direction – whether this is from top to bottom or side to side. With the corners tacked gently peel it away from the window and use a sharp edge to firmly press the decal against the window. Any air bubbles that may pop up can then be eliminated by immediately peeling the decal away from the window and reapplying the decal to that area. Installing the decal in a methodical fashion will allow you to peel it away quickly before the adhesive kicks in and eliminate air pockets as needed.

In some cases the edges of the decals may need to be trimmed. A small razor blade can be used for this purpose as needed. Just be careful to not scratch or damage your window or the decal itself.

Does installation require more than one person?

In most cases the installation of a perforated window decal requires more than one person. This is particularly true for larger decals.

Having additional people help ensures that the decal doesn’t stick to itself when the backing is removed and makes the actual application of the decal much easier. For example, with a second person the decal can be tacked in two corners and then held away from the rest of the window by one person while the other applies and removes air bubbles with the sharp edge, such as a squeegee. From our own experience this is by far the best way to apply the decal.

How do I store my decal?

Before application your decal can be rolled and stored at room temperature in a dry location. Nothing should be set on the decal while it is rolled, nor should it be folded, as both of these can cause permanent crease marks in the decal.

Due to the adhesive used on the decal it is meant for semi-permanent use. Meaning that once the decal firms up after installation removing the decal and repositioning it will not be possible.

Thus, storage after the initial application is a moot point.

How do I clean my decal?

Your decal can be cleaned on a regular basis by using a damp cloth or rag that is non-abrasive in nature. Simply wipe down the decal to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated. The decal should not be scrubbed vigorously but rather gently wiped. Likewise, power washers and strong cleaners should not be used as they can damage the decal.

How do I remove my decal? Will it leave behind a huge mess and lots of residue?

Your decal should peel right away from your window. A flat surface that won’t damage the window can be used to help peel it away. Decals that have been in place longer may prove more difficult to remove. Heating up the decal can make them easier to remove. Any residual adhesive can be removed with a basic window clean and rag.

Can I wash my window with the decal installed?

As noted above, power cleaners and vigorous scrubbing can damage the decal. Rather, cleaning your decal and window should be done with damp non-abrasive cloth in a gentle fashion.