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Product Specs

What’s the difference between a stretch table cover, spandex table cover, tension fabric table cover, table throw, table cloths, table runner, fitted table cover and fitted table throw?

There’s definitely no shortage of names for this product! Stretch table cover is the name we believe best describes this particular product. However, some synonymous names for stretch table covers include spandex table covers, tension fabric table covers, and stretchy table covers.

Beyond this, similar products include table throws, table cloths, table runners, and fitted table covers or throws. Table throws cover the entire table, are used for tradeshows and events, but have no stretch component to them. Table cloths is a term more often used for dining room tables and home or personal use. We do not offer these. Table runners do not cover the entire table but are often coupled with table throws in event settings.

Fitted table covers and fitted table throws have more of a snug fit to a table than a tradition table throw but are different from our stretch table covers as they don’t have a spandex stretching quality either. We do not offer either fitted table covers or throws.

So whether you call it a stretch, stretchy, spandex or tension fabric table cover, we’ll understand what you’re referring to and have what you offer! Table throws and table runners also work great for tradeshows, events, and more if you’re looking for a slightly different product.

What size of table is compatible with stretch table covers? Can I use it on a four foot or eight foot table? Do you recommend a particular table?

For proper installation and use of your stretch table cover use only standard six or eight foot tables depending on your table cover size. Six foot covers should only be used with standard six foot tables and eight foot covers should only be used on standard eight foot tables. Six foot tables are roughly 72”x30”x30” while eight foot tables are about 96”x30”x30”. These tables may also known as folding tables, banquet tables, multi-purpose tables, and exhibit tables. Our table covers are not compatible with any other table sizes including four foot tables. Installing a stretch table cover on anything other than a standard six or eight foot table will result in improper fit, poor appearance, and will likely permanently damage your table cover.

Do you offer standard six or eight foot tables? Where can I get a standard six foot or eight foot table?

We don’t currently offer any tables. The best place to purchase a standard six or eight foot table is a local household goods or home improvement store. Amazon also has basic folding tables that are the correct size and would be compatible with our custom stretch table covers.

How far will the table cover stretch? Should I be worried about ripping or tearing?

Our table covers are meant to fit securely over a standard six or eight foot table. Trying to stretch and install a table cover over a larger table will result in permanent damage to your cover and may prevent proper installation over a standard six or eight foot table in the future. Provided the table cover is properly installed and cared for over time you shouldn’t have to worry about ripping or tearing. Nonetheless, we do recommend stretching it in a deliberate and careful fashion, especially when pulling the reinforced footings over the table leg feet. Improper installation, usage, or care may result in ripping, tearing, and other permanent damage.

What material is stretch table covers made of? Are there any other materials I can choose from?

Our stretch table covers are made from 6.8 oz. polyester tension fabric constructed from polyester warp knit material which allows for stretching without impacting the print clarity or durability. We only offer polyester tension fabric for this product.

What colors are available for your table covers? What’s the base or unprinted color of the fabric?

We print our custom stretch table covers in full color! This allows you to print your design with as many colors as you’d like for no additional charge. The unprinted color of the tension fabric for the table cover is white.

Do you print double-sided table covers?

We do not print our table covers double-sided for reversibility. The inside of your table cover will be white and unprinted.

Do you only offer an open back table cover? Why would should I prefer an open back?

Yes, we currently only offer an open back with our tension fabric table covers. While others offer a four-sided or closed-back table cover, the open back design is the most beneficial design for a stretch table cover as it allows for easy storage under the table. This is great for tradeshows and other events where you may wish to hide a trash can, bags, or marketing materials under the table and out of sight but still have quick access. It also makes it easier to sit at a table on a folding chair if the table is to be used for guest registration or similar purposes. Lastly, an open back still allows for your cover to be printed on the front, top, and sides for branding and aesthetic purposes.

What is the printing area for your table covers? Can I only print on the front or face of the cover?

We offer complete entire area printing and printing on all sides of our custom stretch table covers. This allows your design to not only be on the front or face of the table cover but the top and sides as well. As can be seen on this page, this printing doesn’t need to be a simple logo but can include full coverage and complex designs and/or backgrounds.

Do you offer table covers that are circular?

We don’t currently offer a circular table table cover.

Do your table covers provided any pockets or reinforced footings for table legs?

Yes! Our tension fabric table covers come with four pockets for table legs. They are found in each one of the four corners of the table cover. When installing the table cover be sure to place each leg of the standard six or eight foot table you are using into the corresponding pocket of the table cover. Doing so will provide the correct appearance of your table cover and prevent the cover from sliding around or off of the table while in use.

Will there be seams on my table cover? Are they pleated? Is there any hemming or stitching?

Although there are some seams on the table cover, they are subtle and not visible from a distance. There will be seams down the four corners of the table cover running from the tabletop to the floor. There is also a seam that runs around the top of portion of the cover where the edge of the tabletop is. They are not pleated. The only stitching you may notice is from the seams and on the edges of the stretch table cover. There is also, of course, stitching for the reinforced footings where the table legs go into the table cover. These are obviously not visible to anyone that isn’t behind the table or carefully inspecting your table cover.

What printing process do you use for the table covers?

Our custom stretch table covers are printed using a dye sublimation process. This process prints the design directly into the fabric which results in a long-lasting and vibrant design.

Is there a matte or gloss finish to the cover?

Our table covers have a matte finish to them.

Are stretch table covers fire retardant or flame resistant?

Our table covers are certified for to be fire retardant under the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 701 SMALL SCALE. Your stretch table cover has been treated with a Class A fire retardant. That said, we STRONGLY advise to keep your table cover away from heat sources and open flame. Do not expose them to open flames or sparks or they can and will be permanently damaged if not completely destroyed.

Do you pre-treat stretch covers for tables with a stain resistant coating?

We don’t pre-treat our table covers with any stain resistant coat. With some caution during use, we believe a stain resistant coat is unnecessary and only increases the end cost to the customer. If your stretch cover gets dirty be sure to spot clean or machine wash as soon as possible. A gentle stain remover may be used to treat any stains but harsh chemicals should be avoided as they may cause permanent damage.

Can I get multiple colors, complex background artwork, or different solid colors in separate sections on my cover?

Yes! Because of our print on all sides, full-color, dye sublimation printing process we are able to print unique and complex designs. We’ve printed many designs with complex and custom designs with multiple colors including covers where portions are one solid color where the rest of the color is a separate color (i.e. solid black color for the tabletop portion with a solid blue background for the rest of the cover and designs for each of the sides and the front). If you have any questions regarding the complexity of your design or need help with designing your custom stretch table cover please reach out to us or request free design services!

Do you offer color matching for stretch table covers?

We do not currently offer color matching for these table covers.

How do I upload my design or artwork for my stretch table cover? Are there any restrictions?

To upload your artwork or design simply go to our design tool and click the upload button and select your design file from your device. We accept design files in the formats of .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, and .tif. We recommend you upload vector artwork. When uploading bleed use .25” on all sides. Our design tool maximum file upload size is 25MB. For files larger than 25MB you can use a low resolution image to place your order and then upload the higher resolution file to our file uploader. You can leave a comment on the checkout page that you’ll be doing so. Post-checkout, simply fill out the form on that page with your name, email, order number, and any comments regarding your file. After filling out this information click the “Next” button and “Click or Drop Here” button to add a file from your device. After uploading your file click the “Finished Uploading” button to finalize your file upload. After you’ve completed the file submission we will make sure to use the higher resolution file for your custom sign.

I need help designing my table cover. Can you help me get a design?

Absolutely! We’d love to help you get the perfect design for your cover. We are proud of our design services and the best part is they are completely FREE!


What are some common uses for table covers?

Although stretch table covers can be used for a number of reasons some of the typical uses that we’ve seen are for tradeshows, conferences, offices, expositions, farmer’s markets, and more!

Can I use my table cover outdoors? Are they weather resistant?

Stretch table covers are designed for indoor usage but can be used outdoors in calm conditions. If wind, rain, or other severe weather conditions occur we recommend removing the table cover for storage or moving the table to an indoor location. Severe weather may cause permanent damage to your cover and should be avoided.

Will my stretch table cover fit any six or eight foot table including one with unique legs or feet?

Tables come in different shapes and sizes with unique legs and feet as well. Provided you’re installing the cover on a standard six foot table measuring 72”x30”x30” or eight foot table measuring 96”x30”x30” with standard legs and feet you shouldn’t have any problems using the cover. Tables with irregular or oddly shaped feet may not be compatible with our stretch table covers.

Can I reuse my table cover?

Of course! Our stretch covers are meant to be used multiple times over the course of years which makes it a great option to cover tables for multiple or annual tradeshows, conferences, and other events.

How long will my table cover last?

With proper usage and care you should be able to use for you table cover for 3+ years. Improper use or storage will result in a shortened lifespan. To get the most out of your table cover be sure to properly install, use, remove, store, and clean it.

Will objects on top of my table cover snag, tear, or rip it?

During tradeshows, expos, or other events you may wish to place objects for presentation on top of an installed table cover. While this can enhance your presentation or display it can also potentially result in damage to your table cover. To prevent damage to your cover while displaying objects on top of it avoid objects that are abrasive, sharp, or jagged and may cause the fabric of the table cover to rip, tear, or snag on the object. Tears, rips, or snags from jagged, sharp, or abrasive objects will cause permanent damage to your cover. Nonetheless, regular use of smooth objects on top of the cover is perfectly permissible and suitable for this product.

Will my table cover fade if used regularly?

To prevent fading from occurring avoid prolonged use in direct sunlight. While our table covers are able to resist significant fading, prolonged conditions in UV rays will cause the graphic to being to fade over time. This is true of any printed product used for extended periods in direct sunlight. During storage avoid storing your cover in environments with sunlight or UV exposure as this can also potentially shorten the lifespan of the printed design.

Installation & Care

How do I install or set up my stretch table cover?

To install your cover on a standard six or eight foot table you should begin by removing the product from the shipping package. Next, unfold the table cover and orient the cover to the length vs width of the table. Begin loosely covering the cleared and cleaned tabletop with the table cover. Once you’ve placed the cover over the top of the table move around the table and insert the table legs one at a time into the reinforced footing at the bottom corner of the cover. After you’ve placed all four legs into the pockets on each of the cover’s corners you should have a properly installed and tautly stretched cover.

How can I secure the stretch table cover from slipping or moving around or off of the table I put it on?

By placing each table leg into the corresponding pocket or reinforced footing on the corners of the stretch table cover the pockets should prevent the cover from moving around or slipping off of the table during usage.

What’s the best way to remove and store my stretch table cover when not in use?

To remove your table cover, gently remove the table legs from the pockets on the corners of the table cover, one leg at a time. Then you’ll want to remove the rest of the cover from over the top of the table and neatly fold the cover to prevent it from wrinkling in storage. We recommend storing the table cover in a hard container to ensure it stays folded and away from potential damage such as sharp objects and direct sunlight. We recommend storing the cover in a dry place and out of direct sunlight. Avoid placing anything on the cover while in storage. Lastly, avoid rubbing or storing the cover against or near sharp objects that can snag, tear or rip the cover during storage.

I took my table cover out from storage or shipment and it has wrinkles on it. How can I remove the wrinkles?

During storage or shipment your table cover may become wrinkled or have fold lines. These wrinkles will typically disappear once your table cover is stretched taut across the table. For any that remain, they are typically easily remedied by using a household fabric steamer to remove them. Do not iron your cover as this may damage the cover. We don’t currently offer an fabric steamers but you can purchase one at a household goods or craft store. They are also available on Amazon.

My table cover got dirty at the last event I used it at. Is there any way I can clean it without ruining it? Will the colors bleed?

During regular use you may get dust or small smudges on your stretch table cover. While you should try your best to avoid the cover from getting dirty during use we understand that life happens! To spot clean your cover you can use a damp cloth mixed with color safe laundry detergent to remove surface dirt. For deeper cleaning you may machine wash the cover with cold water on a gentle or low cycle. Air dry your cover by hanging it or laying it out. Do not use a heated or tumble dry machine. Extreme heat, dryers, irons as well as bleach and other chemicals should all be avoided to prevent damage to your table cover.