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Product Specs

What material is your clear decal made out of?

Our custom window decals are made out of a 4 mil optically clear vinyl with a proprietary adhesion technology designed for both interior and exterior applications. The film comes with a frosted backer that can be peeled away before application. This material is optically clear once installed. It is a durable window decal option that works in almost any temperature, is easily installed, is repositionable and has and leaves no adhesive residue upon removal.

How do I know where my decal will be clear?

Clear is indicated by the gray and white checkered area on our design tool. If you want any part of your sign to be clear, that background must be visible on your proof. When you select “Clear Window Decal” in our design tool the background will automatically switch to the gray and white checkered background to indicate that you are designing on a clear background. If you have uploaded a JPG file to the site with a white background, we will print the white of that background. If you want that to be clear instead, please upload a PNG with transparency. If you need help, please fill out our free design request form.

Do you offer other types of decals?

Yes, in addition to the clear window decals we also offer opaque window decals and perforated window decals. Additionally, we offer a static cling that uses static electricity to adhere to your window. A more detailed explanation of the differences and advantages/disadvantages of these decals can be found here: Window Signage Options.

Are vinyl window decals the same thing as window stickers or window graphics?

Window decals and stickers are most commonly interchangeable terms describing a semi-permanent vinyl with an adhesive backing. Semi-permanent means you can peel them away easily right after application but re-applying them again may be difficult if not impossible after they’ve been in place for any duration of time. Further, once they’ve been set in a certain location you are unable to reposition them. This is true for both our opaque and perforated window decals. This is not the case for our clear window decals due to the proprietary adhesion technology they use and the lack of sticky adhesive. The clear window decals can be removed, repositioned, and even reused if stored properly.

Window graphics is similar to window stickers in that it is understood within the signage industry but often needs clarification. So if you prefer the term window graphics to window decals, just make sure you know whether you are looking for an adhesive or cling-based window graphic.

How thick are your window decals?

Our window decals are razor thin. Technically speaking they are 4 mil or .004”. The easiest way to visualize this thickness is to say that it is just thinner than a normal piece of paper. This extremely thin solution provides an aesthetically pleasing window sign that is simultaneously clear, durable yet easily repositionable.

What is the lifespan of your clear window decals?

With proper placement and care our clear window decals will last for three or more years in an interior application. For an exterior application, depending on the amount of exposure to the elements and other considerations the lifespan is approximately 3 years.

Will the exposure to sun or the elements ruin my decal?

Your decal is designed to be used either inside or out and is weather resistant. However, exposure to extreme elements over a long period of time can eventually degrade your decal. While a decal placed on the interior of a window will last longer than one placed outside, both placements of the decal are within the intended usages of the sign.

Can the decals be cut to shape? Individual letters?

Yes, your window decal can be cut to any shape you want. We typically don’t recommend cutting to any shape though because the clear part of the decal is extremely clear making it unnecessary in most cases to cut to shape. However, by selecting the Custom with Border shape option on the design tool (small border around the edge of the cut) you can customize window decals to any shape or size. Additional shape options to choose from for your clear window decal include Square/Rectangle, Rounded Corners (¼” or 1” radius), and Circle/Oval.

How small or big can my window decal be?

Due to the size of printers we use the smallest window decal we are able to do is 6”x6”. On the maximum end of the scale, you can not create a window decal that has both dimensions over 58”. Assuming that one of your dimensions is under 58” then regardless of the other dimension we can print your custom-made decal. If you need something larger than 58”, you may need to divide your graphic into two or more pieces and then install them side-by-side.

What if my decal has more than 2 colors? Will it cost more?

We print everything in full color. Thus, no matter what your design might be there will be no additional cost. Your decal cost will depend on the size of the sign and how many you purchase. Bulk discounts are for any quantity of two or greater that consists of the same design. Other potential costs are shipping and taxes where applicable.


Will the decal damage or ruin my window?

No, both installation and removal of your decal should not hurt nor damage your window. The only way the window might be damaged is scratching the window by using a metal squeegee during installation. For this reason, we offer a felt tipped squeegee with your purchase for a very small charge.

What are clear window decals typically used for?

Clear window decals have a variety of uses. The most common one is for businesses big and small with store fronts. Business window decals are a perfect solution for advertising sales, seasonal promotions during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., branding purposes and even store hours. Decals noting warnings and regulations, compliance signs such as displaying building codes, surveillance notices, QR codes and many more are other great examples of how window decals can be used in a business setting. These window signs are also great for office settings which feature plenty of glass as part of internal offices, meeting or conference rooms, reception areas and more. They can also be used in residential settings for anything from “no soliciting” to “beware of dog” type signs.

Will the decal impact the transparency of my window/storefront?

The clear decal will be completely transparent wherever it is not printed. Thus, if the surface area of your decal is completely covered then you won’t see any clear portions of the decal. Though even a fully printed decal will still allow some light through. Vision will be obscured but not as opaque as an actual opaque decal. To achieve one-way visibility select our perforated window decals.

Can I place my decal on the inside of my storefront/window and have it be visible to those outside?

Yes, for inside placement and outside visibility you need to select “Inside Glass” as an option during the checkout process. We’ll reverse print your sign so that you can adhere it to the inside of the window but have customers or visitors easily see your sign as they approach your business or home. This is also possible with our clear window clings.

Can the decal be used only on a glass surface?

Without a doubt, the decals are best when used on a glass surface as this is what they are designed for. Notwithstanding, they are also perfectly suitable for the following surfaces: laminated surfaces, plastics, stainless steel, aluminum and even electronics such as tv screens, tablets, and computer monitors. Surfaces that will not work include concrete of any type, textured surfaces, and drywall amongst others.

Installation & Care

Does my decal have a backing? How do I remove it?

Yes. Your clear decal has a frosted backing on it. The easiest way to remove this is to slightly bend the decal at a corner much like you would with a sticker. If this doesn’t work then a small piece of scotch tape can be used like is shown in this video.

How do I install my clear window decal?

Installation of your clear decal consists of two main steps. The first is to clean the window and allow the surface to dry before installing the decal.

The second step is the actual installation of the decal. To install your decal add a drop or two of mild detergent or dishwashing liquid to a spray bottle full of warm water. After removing the protective backing, spray the non-printed side of the decal as well as the window itself generously with the water-soap mixture. By getting the decal and window wet it will provide you with some wiggle room while installing the decal to the window. Do not at any time fully submerge the decal in water as this can ruin its ability to adhere to your window. Once the decal is placed on the window use a flat edge or squeegee and remove any of the excess water-soap mixture. Be careful not to use an edge or squeegee that will puncture or tear your decal. For this reason, we recommend a rubber or felt-tipped squeegee. Though this should not be a common issue due to the decals ease of installation and ability to be removed and repositioned.

Once the water is removed and the backing dries your decal will be applied to the window. These custom window decals are strong enough to stay in place inside or outside for an extended period yet easy to remove and reposition as needed.

Does installation require more than one person?

Generally speaking, installation of the window decal can be done with one person for smaller decals. For larger decals, we recommend that at least two people install the decal. This will prevent the decal from sticking to itself (but if it does then you can still pull it apart) during the process and makes for a much easier squeegee process and overall application of the decal.

How do I store my decal?

If you wish to take down and store your decal it is best done using the original backing to protect the applied side from collecting dust, debris or other particles which will deteriorate the ability to stick to a desired surface. If you need to store them for a period of time, not greater than one year, before actually installing them make sure to keep the backing on the decal and store themat room temperature in a non-humid setting.

How do I clean my decal?

Once installed your decal can be cleaned of dirt or dust buildup by wiping it with a wet rag or cloth. Regular and light cleaning will help keep the decal looking bright and clear.

How do I remove my decal? Will it leave behind a huge mess and lots of residue?

Our custom window decals can be removed by simply peeling it away from the window or surface where it is applied. Because of our custom window decal’s proprietary adhesion technology you do not need to worry about any residual stickiness or cleanup that is associated with a typical window decal.

Can I wash my window with the decal installed?

Yes, washing your windows should not adversely impact your sign. The only exception to this is using any kind of power washer or spray gun directly on the decal. This can damage the decal and cause it to fall off the window.