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Product Specs

What size are your promotional magnets?

You can order promotional magnets in any of our 5 sizes:

• 2” x 3.5”
• 3” x 4”
• 4” x 6”
• 5” x 7”
• 6” x 9”

Our business card magnets which are 2”x3.5” can be ordered 4 different styles: rectangle, oval, rounded 2 corners (top left and bottom right), and rounded 4 corners. If you choose rounded corners, you can choose between a 1/4” radius or a 1/8” radius.

How long will your magnets last?

With proper care, promotional magnets will stick to refrigerators, magnetic message boards, and other metallic surfaces for 2 or more years. The magnetic strengh of the magnet will not lesson over the course of 5-10 years.

How strong are your magnets?

Although thin and flexible, promotional magnets can stick to any magnetic surface. For example, one 2” x 3.5” business card magnet will reasonably hold 2 standard sheets of copy paper. Our magnets are made from 17pt stock magnetic vinyl. The magnets have a minimum magnetic pull of 60 lbs per square foot.

Can your magnets be used on cars?

Promotional magnets are designed to be used for indoor purposes and are not meant to use on vehicles. If you are looking for magnetic car advertising signs, check out our vehicle magnets page.

What is your turn time for promotional magnets?

Current turn time for promotional magnets is 2-4 business days. If you order promotional magnets today, they will ship 2-4 days from now.

What materials will your magnets cling to?

Like any other magnet, promotional magnets will only stick to ferromagnetic materials. The most common materials that magnets will cling to are the following metals:
• Iron
• Cobalt
• Nickel
• Steel (Including stainless steel)
• Manganese

Promotional magnets will not work with any non-metallic surfaces.

Do you offer announcement or invitation magnets?

Refrigerator magnets work great as invitations or announcements for graduations, weddings, birthday parties, and many other events. While we do not offer any envelopes for sale with our promotional magnets, we do offer magnets sizes that are common for invitations and announcements.

Here’s how to do it:
1. From the quick start bar at the top of the screen, simply select 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” under Size (inches):, then click the green “Get Started” button.

2. A simple menu will pop up giving you the option to start from scratch, search our templates, or upload your design.

3. If you start from scratch or upload your own design, you’ll be directed to our design tool, where you can create your own announcement or invitation or upload your own file.

4. Complete your edits in the design tool, then proceed to checkout. You’ll have your announcements in about 10 days!

If you need help creating an announcement or invitation, check out our free design services. You’ll work one on one with a graphic designer and can have a design ready to go within 24 hours.

Is there a difference in fridge magnets, promotional magnets, and custom magnets?

Many of the terms around magnets are used interchangeably. Our promotional magnets are synonymous with refrigerator magnets or fridge magnets. Promotional magnets are made from a flexible vinyl instead of as a rigid or button magnet. Promotional magnets are fully customizable with whatever design you want to create. There is a difference in our vehicle magnets and promotional magnets. Promotional magnets are only sold in set sizes and quantities, while you can print a vehicle magnet at any size or quantity.

What is the difference in magnets with UV coating vs. matte?

Promotional magnets are printed in two styles, UV coating, and matte. The UV coated magnets have a glossy finish and are scratch resistant. The matte option has a matte finish and is less expensive. Both options are printed in full color, making your design clear and vibrant.

Do you have a minimum order for your magnets?

Yes, we currently do not offer single prints for promotional magnets. The minimum quantity you can order for promotional magnets depends on whether you choose UV coating or matte. If you select matte, you can order a minimum of 25 magnets and up to 200. Our UV coated magnets start at a run size of 250 with a maximum order quantity of 5000. We do offer single prints or one-off prints of our vehicle magnets.

What is the standard size for magnets? Which sizes do you offer?

Fridge magnets are commonly printed in smaller sizes. Common sizes for fridge magnets are 1 – 5 inches square. We currently offer business card magnets that are 2 inches by 3.5 inches. For a list of all our sizes see the FAQ above.

What is the smallest amount I can order? The largest?

Currently, the smallest quantity you can order for promotional magnets is 25. The largest amount is 5000.

Do you offer any quantity discount?

Yes, we do! Because our magnets are sold in multiple quantities, the higher the number of promotional magnets you order, the lower the price. For example, if you order 25 2” x 3.5” magnets, the cost to you for each magnet will be $0.59. However, if you were to order 200 2” x 3.5” magnets, it will cost only $0.20 per magnet.

How does your free design service work?

Do you need help making a beautiful design for your promotional magnets? No problem! At signs.com, we aim to make your experience as amazing as possible. That is why we are the only signage company that offers professional graphic design service at no additional cost to you. We have a team of graphic designers and when you submit a design request one of our designers will be assigned to your project. You will be able to work via email or over the phone with the designer to make your perfect promotional magnets. Simply visit our free design services page to get started!