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Product Specs

What are the differences between wall stickers and your wall quotes?

Wall stickers and wall quotes are both excellent wall decor options that meet specific design needs. Wall stickers have designs printed directly onto the material, whereas wall quotes are individually cut from colored vinyl material and not printed on. As such, wall stickers come as a single piece of material and are not individual pieces like custom wall quotes.

Wall quotes are specifically designed for creating quotes or simple art images to display on walls without excess material between characters. Wall quotes come with both a transfer film (pre-mask) and protective backing, while wall stickers simply have a protective backing.

Wall stickers are ideal for printing images and photos, along with accompanying text. Stickers can be cut to shape with one of three different cut options: contour, halo, or standard cut depending on your design needs.

• Square/Rectangle (previously known as standard cut)

• Rounded Corners (1/4″ radius)

• Rounded Corners (1″ radius)

• Circle/Oval

• Custom (previously known as or sometimes referred to as contour cut)

• Custom with Boarder (previously known as halo cut)

Further, wall quotes are not repositionable or reusable while wall stickers are.

Can I print superheroes, sport logos, professional athletes, cartoon characters, or celebrities?

Due to copyright laws, printing any copyrighted image of a superhero, athlete, logo, athlete, cartoon character, celebrity, etc. is prohibited. This includes: Disney characters, logos from the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA and other leagues, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics characters, and all animated cartoon characters. Permission from the copyright holder is needed in order to print such images. This is the case for any company unless they have licensed the copyright to allow for reprinting. If you do not have the express permission of the copyright holder you will be violating our terms of service and the terms of the copyright material.

What material is used for your wall stickers?

Wall stickers are printed on a thin (4 mil) flexible, durable vinyl material. The low-tac adhesive of the material allows easy application, removal, and repositioning or reuse of the sticker.

Do you offer a dry erase or chalkboard type wall sticker?

We do not currently offer a dry erase or chalkboard wall sticker.

Are wall stickers repositionable?

Yes! That’s one of the key features of our wall stickers. The low-tac adhesive allows for easy application and removal of the sticker, providing you with the ability to reposition it on any non-porous surface.

Can children easily remove and reposition the stickers?

It can be hard for small children to carefully remove the sticker from the wall without damaging the sticker, so it’s best that an adult helps in the application, removal, and repositioning of the graphic.

What is the lifespan of your wall stickers?

When properly displayed on a clean, non-porous surface, the wall sticker should last 5+ years. This lifespan can be affected by how many times you reposition it and the environment you display it in. It should also be applied to a clean/dry surface and stored on the original backing to extend the life of the sticker.

Can they be cut to any shape?

Yes, our wall stickers can be either be custom shape or custom with border. Custom with border (halo) is when the material is cut to the general shape of your design, leaving a small white border around the edge of the design. The custom shape option will cut the material to the exact shape of your design, provided that there is not an area of your design that is less than ½” in thickness. Any area that is less than ½” will be prone to tearing both during production and regular use. In situations where you have an area of your design that is less than ½” we recommend using the custom with border option. Despite being cut to shape your wall sticker will still have a background.

In addition to the custom shape options, you can also select square/rectangle, rounded corners (1/4″ or 1″ radius), or circle/oval. All of the shape options can be found in the product quickstart at the top of this page or in our design tool.

For individually cut letters you can check out our wall quotes for home or vinyl lettering for businesses.

Can I create an entire scene of characters and objects and have them printed individually?

In order to create a scene with individually cut characters or objects you must design each item separately in our design tool. You would also need to select custom or custom with boarder for each individual piece in order to create what presumably you envision for your complete scene. Alternatively, you could print one big graphic with a background but would need to “panel it” like you would wallpaper as the material itself is only 52” wide.

How small or large can wall stickers be?

Our wall stickers range anywhere from our smallest 4”x4” to our largest 4.5’x150’. As long as you keep one dimension under the maximum 4.5’ offered your size options are limitless. When printing extremely large stickers be forewarned that installation will require more than one person.

Do wall stickers come in sheets or as an individual sticker?

Our wall stickers come as individual stickers and not on a sheet of multiple stickers. This is not to be confused with individually cut wall quotes, which do not have excess material between the lettering. Likewise, we do not currently offer any crack and peel stickers or paper based roll labels.

What is the default color of the sticker material?

The standard color of the material is white. Your design will be printed on top of the white material. If there are areas of your design that do not have any color, those areas will appear opaque due the natural white color of the material.

Is the adhesive part of the sticker toxic?

The low-tac adhesive is a water-based, non-solvent adhesive that is not toxic. That being said, we do not recommend allowing kids, pets, or anyone else to consume or inhale any part of the sticker. This is especially important for smaller stickers placed in children’s rooms or nurseries.

Is there a laminate over the top of a wall sticker?

We do not include a laminate over the top of your wall sticker. Your design will be printed directly on top of the material, forming a permanent and vibrant image. The UV ink used in printing is scratch, fade, and abrasion resistant, meaning a laminate overlay is not necessary.

Do wall stickers have a matte or glossy finish?

They have a slight matte finish, which does not provide a shine or glossy effect.

Does the complexity of my design increase the cost of my wall sticker?

No, all of our wall stickers are printed in full color, meaning that the pricing of your sticker will not be affected by the complexity nor number of colors of your design. It’s important to note that choosing different shape options (square/rectangle, rounded corners (1/4″ radius and 1″ radius), circle/oval, custom, and custom with border) will affect the pricing of your sticker.


What are the typical uses for wall stickers?

Wall stickers are a versatile wall decor option that can be used in both personal and professional settings. In the home, wall stickers can be displayed in kids’ rooms, nurseries, hallways, studies, family rooms, garages, bathrooms, and on any other indoor wall. Use wall stickers to print cartoon animals, caricatures, trees and flowers, planets, buildings, cars, trains, planes, boats, and maps. Only your imagination limits what you can print with our custom wall stickers.

In a professional environment, wall stickers can be placed in lobbies, conference rooms, offices, office hallways, bathrooms, and stairways. Use stickers to display company logos, achievements, and goals. Indicate fire escapes, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, bathrooms, room numbers, and building directory information.

These are just a handful of ways you can use wall stickers, but there really is no limit to what you can print or where you can display (as long as it’s a non-porous surface).

What surfaces can I place wall stickers on? Any limitations?

Wall stickers are suitable for displaying on any non-porous flat surface. This includes painted drywall, finished wood, metal, and plastic. Surfaces with texture, like unfinished wood, stuccoed walls, porous concrete, and brick, are not suitable for displaying wall stickers.

So is it impossible to place wall stickers on a textured wall?

While it is not impossible to place wall stickers on a textured wall, it will not provide the best surface for adhesion. We recommend placing the sticker on a smooth wall or surface.

Are windows suitable for placing wall stickers on?

Yes, windows can be used to place wall stickers on. We also recommend using clear window decals or opaque window decals for window decorating.

Can I place a wall sticker on a curved or non-flat surface?

For the best adhesion, we recommend only placing wall stickers on a flat, non-porous surface. That being said, lightly curved surfaces can be used to place stickers on.

Can I apply them on top of wallpaper?

Because not all wallpaper is the same, the ability to display wall stickers on this material will vary. High-quality, smooth wallpaper is suitable for placing stickers on. Wallpaper with texture will not allow an adequate adhesion of the sticker to the surface. It’s important to note that removing of the wall sticker should be done carefully so as to not damage the wallpaper during removal or repositioning.

Will a wall sticker damage my wall?

Wall stickers are designing to be applied and removed without damaging your wall. That being said, it is important to properly place and remove the sticker to ensure it does not damage your wall. If you use a sharp edge (this shouldn’t be needed!) to remove the sticker, take care not to scratch or pierce the surface the sticker is adhered to.

Will steam cause the wall sticker to peel from the wall?

In most cases (like in bathrooms and kitchens), steam will not cause your decal to peel away from the wall if it is adhered correctly. Stickers placed on porous surfaces are more susceptible to not working correctly due to steam and water contact.

Will the color fade if I place it in direct sunlight?

The UV ink used for printing on the material is extremely resistant to fading. With proper care and placement, you should not have to worry about the color of your design fading. That being said, placing your sticker in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time could affect its lifespan.

Are the stickers so easily removed that my kids will pull them off the walls?

Our wall stickers are designed to be easily applied and removed. When placed within reach of children they could peel them away and even cause permanent damage in doing so. Though much like removing a paper based sticker, to start removing your wall sticker your child would need to very carefully use their fingernails to get it started. In our experience your wall stickers are safe from the little ones until they have enough coordination to do so and by that point are old enough to know not peel it away from the wall.

Are height charts possible to print using wall stickers?

Of course! Just make sure to measure out the height of your wall before creating a height chart.

Installation & Care

Is it possible to draw on a wall sticker?

Applying your wall sticker is a simple process and does not require any professional assistance. The steps for installing are outlined below.

1. Begin by cleaning the area of the wall where your wall sticker will be placed. Use a mild cleaner or water with a microfiber cloth to remove any surface dirt or grease from the wall.

2. Once the non-porous surface is cleaned, slowly peel away the backing of the wall sticker and carefully apply it to the wall starting at the top of the sticker and working down. For the best result, do not pull the backing off entirely before applying.

3. Peel the backing off slowly while adhering the sticker little by little until it is completely attached to the wall. This allows you to remove bubbles and creases during installation. To do so simply peel away the sticker and re-apply it to the surface.

Larger stickers may require a second person to help with installation. Do not spray the adhesive side of the sticker with water or liquid; doing so will damage the adhesive.

How can I store my sticker when not in use?

It is highly recommended that you store your wall sticker using the original backing that comes with the sticker. This will allow the adhesive side to be protected from dirt and dust over time and allows for easy reuse when necessary. Do not store the sticker in extreme environments or where dust and humidity are regularly present.

What is the best way to clean it? Do I need to do so regularly?

Only clean the non-adhesive side of your wall sticker. Do so by using a lightly damp cloth. This will help remove any unwanted streaks, smudges, or dirt from the surface.