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Product Specs

What is the actual material of your wooden signs? Is this different from MDO boards?

The material is a high-density fiberboard (HDF) that has a white face from bonded polymer on both sides. It is moisture resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This wood is both extremely versatile from a printing perspective as well as in its ability to be cut to shape and used in a variety of settings and circumstances.

Yes, fiberboard is different from MDO board as it tends to have a smoother and flatter finish and thus lends itself to a more consistent and high-quality print job than when printing directly on MDO.

How thick are your wooden signs? Do you offer different thickness options?

The wood signs offered on our website are 1/2” thick. We do not offer any additional thickness options of our wooden signs.

How durable is the wooden sign? Will the wooden signs bend or break?

Our wooden signs are some of the most durable signs we have. In normal day-to-day use, unintentionally breaking them will be near impossible. Larger signs will have some pliability that increases with size. We recommend posting very large signs with middle support to avoid the chance of potentially damaging the sign.

What is the lifespan of your wood signs?

Our wooden signs can last 5+ years with proper care and placement. In many cases the lifespan of these signs is actually much longer. For exterior signs, factors such as size of the sign and climate and exposure to the elements will impact the estimated lifespan of the sign. Alternatively, interior signs should easily last 5+ years due to the lack of constant exposure to the elements.

Will the exposure to sun or the elements cause my printing to fade?

We print with a UV ink. Thus, the printed portion of the sign shouldn’t fade despite the exposure to the sun. Nonetheless, just like any sign, there can be some fading if the sign has been exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period.

Can you cut my wooden sign to a specific shape? Any restrictions?

Sure thing! we offer multiple shape options for our wooden signs including: square/rectangle, rounded corners (1/4″ or 1″ radius), circle/oval, custom (previously known as or sometimes referred to as contour), or custom with border (previously known as or sometimes referred to as halo).

We can cut your wooden sign to almost any shape that you may request. To have your sign cut to your desired shape or design please select the “Custom” shape option during the design and ordering process.

If for some reason the cut you are requesting is not possible or simply won’t look like you may want it to, we will contact you before processing and cutting your wooden sign.

Do you do custom routing and etching on your wooden signs?

We do not currently offer custom routing or etching or our wooden signs.

What sizes do you offer? What is the maximum and minimum size you offer?

We offer several standard sizes for our wood signs. These include 24”x12”, 48”x24”, 72”x36” and 96”x48”. We also offer any custom size wooden sign that is neither smaller than 6”x6” nor bigger than 96”x48”. You can enter custom dimensions at the top of this page to get started or within the design tool after selecting one of the templates choices.

My design is really detailed and contains a number of colors. Will this increase my cost?

The number of colors or your design itself will not increase the cost of printing your wood sign. We print all of our signs in full color so this aspect will not increase the price of the sign. Selecting additional options, size, quantity and applicable taxes and/or shipping will impact the price.

What is the default color of your wooden sign?

The polymer overlay of the wooden sign as described above is white by default. From a side view, you will see a natural wood color. A picture of this can be seen by hovering over the thumbnail featured in our “About Our Wooden Signs” section above. Additional pictures can be found in the photo gallery above.

Is it possible to make my wood sign double sided?

Yes, for an additional cost. Simply select the “Printed Sides” option during the design process. This will ensure that your sign is printed on both sides. If your design differs on the two sides please, select the ‘2 Sides Different’ option and use the “Back Side” button below the design tool to design the back of your sign.

Do you print directly onto the surface of the sign or simply put a printed vinyl overlay on top?

We print directly onto the surface of the wooden sign. The actual design is not first printed onto a vinyl overlay that is then applied to the wooden sign. This allows for greater durability of the printed graphic or design and a better finish.

Does the printed portion of the sign have a glossy or matte finish?

Both the finish of the white polymer face and your sign will come out with a matte finish. Your sign will not have a glare or glossy type finish to it. Nor will it show a wood grain like our wooden prints for the home. These wooden prints that show the grain are for interior use and home decor purposes only.

Will the printed part of my sign peel away?

The ink we print with is designed to not fade when exposed to the sun as well as be abrasion resistant. Thus, in day-to-day use the printed portion of your sign shouldn’t crack or peel away. But this doesn’t mean that if you intentionally tried to peel away part of the printed sign that it wouldn’t peel away or be damaged. In the vast majority of cases having the printed portion of the sign crack and/or peel away from the sign shouldn’t be a concern.

Why does shipping cost so much if you offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, shipping carriers have limits on the size of rigid sign that can be shipped via normal mail service. The general rule of thumb that triggers these higher costs is 36” in any one direction. Thus, our exception to our free shipping offer is exactly that – any dimension that may exceed 36”. Though in many cases our hands may be tied in our ability to offer alternative solutions please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about shipping for larger wooden signs.

Can I drill my own holes for my sign?

Yes. If you feel comfortable drilling your own holes for your sign then feel free to do so. The only caveat in doing so is that any damage to the sign while doing so will not be covered under our satisfaction guarantee.

Can I order my wooden sign with additional or custom drilled holes?

If you need additional or custom holes drilled, select the “Custom” option within the “Drilled Holes” dropdown in the design tool. We can usually accommodate such requests and simply need you to make a note of this during the checkout process. Custom drilled holes will add an additional cost to your order.

Will my wooden signs be unreasonably heavy?

Our wooden signs are extremely durable. Part of their durability comes from the thickness of the sign itself. Nonetheless, smaller signs are not overly heavy. Larger signs can become heavy depending on just how big they are. For very large signs please ensure they are posted or hung accordingly and as outlined below. As a reference, a 12”x12” sign weighs approximately 2.23 pounds.

Are your wooden signs recyclable?

Yes. Our custom wooden signs are fully recyclable when you are finished with them.


Can my wooden sign be used outside? Is there anywhere I can’t use it?

Yes. Our wooden signs can be used for both interior and exterior uses. They should still last at least several years even when used exclusively outside. We would recommend not placing signs outside that may be exposed to extreme weather. High winds in particular, can damage even the thickest of wooden signs. Larger signs and those which aren’t posted well are particularly susceptible to damage.

What are the typical uses of wooden signs?

The most common use of wooden signs is for exterior uses typically for branding purposes or for commercial real estate. Wooden signs have proven to be effective and durable solutions for roadside businesses, farms, construction sites, entrances to neighborhoods and apartment complexes and more. Beyond business use, they are often seen in parks and trails, campground sites, golf courses and many more locations. They can also be used as point of purchase signage.

These custom wooden signs often give the right mix of durability and professionalism to be placed outside and deliver a great first impression for visitors and potential customers.

Will it crack or break if I drop it?

Smaller signs should not break when dropped from a reasonable height or while hanging or posting. Larger signs will be more susceptible to breaking or cracking if the fall or drop is significant. Either way, we recommend that more than one person help install larger signs to prevent damage during installation.

Installation & Care

How do I install/hang/post my wood sign?

In most cases, wooden signs are affixed to sturdy poles for display. While drilled holes are an option when ordering your sign we do not provide any of the hardware for posting your sign, including the screws.

For small to medium sized signs (less than 36”) typically poles on either end of the sign should be sufficient. For signs that are larger than 36”, depending on the location, we recommend using a middle support pole when posting your sign. This will help prevent damage from high winds and other unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to using your signs with posts they can be displayed in several ways. One common use for smaller signs is to use the drilled holes and chains to hang the wooden sign from hooks. Again, larger signs would need additional drilled holes and hooks for extra support.

The signs can also be affixed to any rigid surface such as a wooden, drywall or concrete walls. Depending on what type of surface it is will dictate how you install your sign. Typically though drilling pilot holes, using anchors for the wall, and a combination of a screw and washer should do the trick to firmly attach the sign to the surface.

Installation will vary from place to place but should take into consideration foot traffic and exterior elements alike. Rubbing against the sign or inadvertently bumping into it can damage the sign and/or your wall while exterior elements can shorten the lifespan. Thus, some forethought as to the placement of the sign can prevent future damage or incidents in many cases.

How do I store my wooden sign(s)?

Wooden signs should be stored in a cool, dry location. To prevent scratching or abrasions a non-abrasive piece of material can be placed over top of it while in storage. We would recommend not putting anything extremely heavy on larger signs to prevent bowing the sign.

How do I clean my sign(s)?

Cleaning your wood sign on a regular basis is recommended and easy to do. A damp non-abrasive cloth or rag is all that is needed in order to wipe down your sign. Make sure that there aren’t any rocks or sharp objects on the sign or within the rag before wiping it down to prevent scratching. Otherwise, a gentle wiping down will help remove any dirt buildup that may occur on the sign, particularly on those used or posted outdoors. We also recommend avoiding harsh or strong chemicals or cleaners when you wiping your sign. A damp cloth should be sufficient to clean your wooden sign.

Does installation require more than one person?

Typically one person can install a smaller sign by themselves. We recommend that for larger signs more than one person install the sign. The size of the sign itself makes it an awkward and difficult task to complete without the help of a second person. In both cases, it is recommended that careful consideration of the placement of the sign and pilot holes are drilled in advance of lifting or attempting to affix the sign.