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Product Specs

What type of paper do you offer for your door hangers?

We offer three different paper types to choose from:

100lb Gloss Book: A medium weight paper that can be easily rolled (is not rigid). Covered in an aqueous coating to help increase durability against dirt, fingerprints and more. The thinnest paper type available for door hangers and the most economical solution.

14pt: A heavyweight paper that is rigid and more durable than the 100lb gloss book. Can include UV coating to add additional durability and a gloss finish. The second-thickest paper type available for door hangers and a good option for outdoor use.

16pt: A heavyweight paper that is also rigid and is thicker than the 14pt paper. Includes UV coating to add additional durability and a gloss finish. The thickest paper type available for door hangers and the best option for outdoor use.

What is the standard size for door hangers? Which sizes do you offer?

The most common size used for door hangers is 3.5”x8.5”. We also offer 4.25”x11” and 4.25”x14”. If you choose to include tear away cards at the bottom of your door hangers the sizes will stay the same and a perforated line will be cut 2” from the bottom of the hanger.

What is the largest amount I can order? The smallest?

You are able to order up to 25,000 door hangers within a single order. Please note, however, that each order allows up to one design. If you want several different designs on your door hangers you will need to order each design as a separate line item within a single order or as separate orders altogether. The smallest quantity available for an order is 250 (excluding door hangers with a tear card perforation, in which the minimum quantity is 1,000).

Do you offer any type of quantity discount?

We sure do! The higher the amount of door hangers you order, the lower the price for each hanger. For example, if you were to order 250 door hangers (3.5”x8.5”, 100lb Gloss Book paper, single-sided) each door hanger would cost $0.46. However, if you were to order 25,000 of the same type of door hanger each hanger would only cost $0.04. To get the most for your money, we recommend ordering at least 1,000 door hangers at a time.

When will I receive my order? What is the turn time?

Our turn time is among the fastest in the industry. From the time you place your order, your door hangers will be shipped out and on their way within 2-4 business days. From there, the speed in which they arrive depends on the shipping option you select during checkout. This means you can potentially have your door hangers in as little as 3 business days if you select the FedEx overnight shipping method.

Do you offer double-sided door hangers?

Yes! We offer full color digital printing on either one or two sides of your door hangers. You are able to use the same design on both sides or use separate designs for the front and back. Double-sided printing is commonly referred to as 4/4 (four colors on front, four colors on back), whereas single-sided printing is referred to as 4/0 or 4/1.

What is perforation? Why should I include it on my door hangers?

Perforation is a feature you can choose to include on your door hangers. When selected, a perforated line will be cut 2” from the bottom of your door hanger, creating a tear-away card on the bottom portion of the hanger. This card can be used for coupons, business cards, contact information or anything else you want to make of it.

How do your free design services work?

If you need any help with getting your design ready, we are here to help. And the best part? We offer all of our design services free of charge. We offer a variety of services, from enhancing images to re-creating logos as vector graphics. Get started by filling out our design services request form.