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Product Specs

Are your postcards ones that I can write an address on and send via snail mail? If not, can I still use them like they are?

The ability to write on the surface of your postcard depends on the finish of the material. A matte finish is recommended if you are writing on the postcard. Ink used on glossy cards may smear if not dried properly. Our cards can be sent via snail mail, but we do not provide spacing or lines that are typically found on a postcard like you might find at a tourist destination unless you include them in your design. Please see other questions on this page, including the one below, about the primary uses of our postcards to see how you can use them in a business setting.

Are your postcards ones like I’d buy at famous locations or tourist destinations?

Our postcards differ from the typical tourist postcards in that ours are of a higher quality with the options of either a matte or glossy finish. The postcards we produce are intended for business use, handing out as invitations, and distributing at tradeshows and conventions. Unlike tourists postcards, ours are completely customizable to your liking.

What are the differences between your business cards and postcards?

The most noticeable difference will be the sizes between these two products. We offer our business cards in 2”x3.5”, whereas our postcards are available in 4”x6” or 5”x7”. Though these sizes differ, these are the standard sizes for these respective products. Both our business cards and postcards are printed on a 16pt cardstock with a matte or glossy finish. The smaller size of business cards allows for portability in pockets and makes them easier to hand out, while postcards have more area to present larger graphics and more text. Both our custom business cards and postcards are printed in full color.

What material are your postcards made of?

Our postcards are made from a high quality, thick 16pt (116 lbs) cardstock. This cardstock is considered to be a sturdy and durable material that is much thicker than regular paper (20 lbs).

What is the lifespan of postcards?

The lifespan of your postcards depends on how you store and use them. With proper storage, your custom postcards could last 3+ years. If you frequently carry or handle your postcards, the lifespan will decrease. Improper use and exposure to liquid will greatly diminish the lifespan of your postcards.

Will the design of the postcard fade over time?

The quality of your design will be resistant to scratching and fading due to the longevity of the ink. Like anything that is printed there may be some fading over an extended period of time. Short term, you will not see any substantial fading. Corners of the postcard can be bent, which may cause any design or color printed on corners or edges to fade or lose clarity.

Can your postcards be double sided?

Yes. Our postcards can be printed on both sides. You can select this option in our design tool if the backside of your postcard is going to differ from the front side of your postcard. Simply select the “Back Side” option and design away!

Can I order single sided postcards?

Yes, we offer both single and double-sided postcards. Simply choose which option you would like in our design tool before creating your postcard.

I selected double sided and have a different file/design for the back side but don’t see where I edit the second side of my card.

You can design both the front and back of your postcard within our design tool. To do this, select a double-sided option, which will reveal a button underneath the main design area that will allow you to switch between the ‘front’ and ‘back’ side of your postcard. Toggling this button should allow you to upload and edit as needed for the respective sides of your postcard(s).

I need to print similar cards for multiple people, what is the best/fastest way to do so?

Once you have created a design on our site, we automatically save it under your “My Designs” section. Clicking on the “duplicate” link next to your design will create an exact copy of your card. You can then click on your image which will take you directly into the design tool where you can type in the new name and other information and click “save”. Simply follow the same process for any additional people you need to make cards for.

How easy do the postcards tear?

The thickness of 16pt cardstock is resistant to tearing when handled properly. Cardstock is a paper product, meaning that tearing is possible when enough pressure is applied. Frequent bending or creasing of a postcard will weaken the durability of the card. Thus, assuming there is no intentional effort to tear the cards nor is there misuse or improper storage, the postcards should not tear during regular use.

Are your postcards waterproof?

The cardstock used to produce our postcards is not waterproof. The glossy coating will add a minimal water resistance to the surface of the postcard. A matte postcard’s coating will allow for brief contact with moisture, but will not make it waterproof. We recommend avoiding contact with liquid by storing in a sealed container or plastic bag when travelling in wet conditions.

How small or big can my postcards be?

We offer postcards in two sizes: a 4 inch tall by 6 inch wide card, and a 5 inch tall by 7 inch wide card. These dimensions are sometimes referred to as 6”x4” and 7”x5” sizes. Whichever you use, the standard orientation of our postcards is horizontal but one can easily design them in a way that they could be used in a vertical orientation.

Will larger postcards cost more?

Yes. Larger sized postcards will cost more than smaller postcards. Prices will also vary depending on order size and whether you choose a matte or gloss finish.

Do you offer rounded edges on your postcards?

We do not currently offer rounded edges on our postcards. If you’re looking for cards with rounded edges, please contact us for assistance.

Do you offer custom shapes for your postcards?

We only provide the listed sizes of postcards at this time. We are unable to offer custom shaped postcards. However, we do offer cut to shape posters, which could work as a good substitute.

How about raised or embossed ink, do you offer that?

We do not offer raised or embossed ink at this time.

If I print my postcards in more than one color am I charged more?

No. All of our postcards and signs are printed using full color, so you will not be charged extra for additional colors used.

Are your postcards a matte or gloss finish?

We offer our postcards in either a matte or gloss finish, depending on your design preferences. The default option will be a matte finish. If you prefer your postcards to be glossy in nature please select this on the Design Tool or change this option in your shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout.

What’s the difference between a matte and glossy finish?

A matte finish has a dull, non-shiny appearance. A glossy finish will leave your postcards with a smooth, shiny finish.

What is a UV finish?

A UV finish is a glossy finish over the entire surface of your postcard. This UV finish will give added protection against scratching or fading of the design.We do not currently offer UV finish as an option.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my postcards?

We provide templates to help you create a design for your postcard, but they are not necessary to use. If you wish to upload your own design, simply do so by clicking on the ‘get started’ button on the product page, then click on the ‘upload your design’ option. If you’re having trouble with your design or need assistance, you can contact us for free design help.

Can you print photos on my postcards?

Yes, any image or photo can be printed on your postcard. Make sure that the size of your photo will fit on a 4”x6” or 5”x7” area, then simply upload it using our design tool.

Can you print postcards using white ink?

Because the base or natural color of the postcard is white, it is unnecessary to use white ink, as any white area of your design will be the natural color of the cardstock.

What quantities do you sell your postcards in?

We currently offer postcards in the following run sizes: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000. Unfortunately, smaller run sizes than 100 are not currently possible.

Can I write on the postcards with pen or pencil?

We recommend using pen when writing on your postcards. Pencil can be used on matte cards, but pencil will be dull and hard to read on glossy finished cards. Allow the ink of the pen to dry before stacking the cards to help avoid any smearing or unwanted transferring of ink.

Are the edges to the postcards sharp?

The edges of your postcard will be straight and finely cut. As such, there is a possibility that edges may seem sharp when handling. Papercuts can be received when not handled properly.


Why should I use postcards instead of sending out information using email or social media?

Even in a world dominated by advance technology, there’s still something special about using a tangible product to deliver information. Unlike digitally sent information, postcards are less-likely to be ignored when received. Easy to post on noticeboards or refrigerators, postcards make a lasting statement that emails can’t match. Plus, who doesn’t like the feeling of receiving a postcard in the mail or in person?!

What information should I put on my postcard?

What you put on your postcard depends on your intended use. If you’re using postcards to advertise a business, make sure the company logo is present, with information about the business clearly visible. You can dedicate one side to giving directions to your business, with the other side used for logos and text. If postcards are being used for promotional purposes, you can incorporate images of what you are promoting, as well as dates, times, and other crucial information. Make sure to include links to your website and social media pages.

Are QR codes useful on postcards?

While QR codes are a great way to invite those that receive your postcard to interact with your business, these media tools are not often used correctly. If you decide to include a QR code on your postcard, make sure it links to useful information on your website that visitors can benefit from. Whether or not you use a QR code on your postcard is a matter of personal preference.

Anything I should avoid doing with my postcards?

It’s important that you handle your postcards with care. Avoid submerging or exposing your cards to liquid, placing them near an open flame, or storing them in places where they can be bent or damaged.

What are common uses of postcards?

Our postcards are designed to be used as a high quality material to distribute in a wide variety of circumstances. Postcards can be used to promote a business or product and sent out as invitations for birthdays, weddings, open houses and more. Postcards are great for using as appointment cards, as well as reminders to send out to customers or clients. There’s really no limit to how you use postcards to market, invite, or call to act.


What is the best way to store my postcards?

We recommend that you store your cards in a place where they will not be damaged. When in transit, keep your business cards in a sturdy container or box to protect them from being damaged. Store cards on the face, rather than the side of the card to prevent the edges and corners from being bent or faded.

Do you offer any carrying cases or pouches to protect my postcards?

We do not offer any pouches or cases for your postcards. We recommend storing your cards in the box that they were shipped in. If you do not have the box, any plastic container will suffice as long as cards are secured within it.