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Product Specs

Are gatorboard and gatorfoam the same product?

Yes, the two can be used interchangeably to describe the same product. It is also common to see the names presented as gator board or gator foam but, no matter which way the word is written, it refers to the same product.

What is gatorboard made out of?

Gatorboard is constructed from a polystyrene foam core sandwiched between two paper faces. This rigid foam core is similar to the foam used in the shipping industry to offer product protection, so it’s guaranteed to be durable and lightweight.

What is the difference between gatorboard, foam board and falconboard?

While all three are lightweight and cost effective for display purposes, it’s important to know that each product differs in construction and quality. Our foam board signs are one of the most common boards used for displaying and are made from a solid foam core and paper faces, measuring at .1945” thick. Unlike gatorboard, the foam core is not a dense and rigid polystyrene but is a lightweight foam. This foam is weaker and is more prone to bend, snap, or wrinkle if too much pressure is applied. Usually foam board is reserved for art and craft projects, presentations, and temporary display purposes. Assuming proper use, it is an affordable and effective signage solution.

Falconboard is constructed of a thick honeycomb center between paper faces. This product can be described as a very rigid 3-D cardboard. The resulting sign is .5” thick. Falconboard is a complete paper product without any foam. This board is generally used for storefront displays, ‘cardboard cutouts’ and 3-D lettering. It is the most rigid of the three products we are comparing here.

Gatorboard can be considered as an upgrade to normal foam board because of its higher quality polystyrene foam core. It too measures at .1945” thick. This core gives added durability and prevents the board from bending or breaking as easily as foam board might. Both are excellent products but we would recommend gatorboard with it’s added durability for any extended use.

How thick is gatorboard?

Our standard gatorboard signs are 3/16” (.1945”), which is about the thickness of 50 sheets of copy paper.

How durable is gatorboard? Will gatorboard signs bend?

The rigid design of gatorboard allows for an effective durability that will prevent the sign from breaking when handled properly. Larger gatorboard signs will have a slight pliability, but excessive bending will result in the sign creasing or cracking. Gatorboard is vulnerable to breaking if you were to place weight directly on the face of the board. This is especially true if the gatorboard is in any way suspended between two objects. It is not intended to be used as a shelf in any way. Heavy objects placed on it in this fashion can permanently damage your sign.

What sizes do you offer? What is the maximum and minimum size you offer?

We offer gatorboard in sizes ranging anywhere between a minimum of 6”x6” to a maximum of 8’x4’. When cutting your board to shape, any portion of the sign cannot be smaller than ¼” in width.

Is it possible to make my custom gatorboard sign double sided?

Yes! We offer double sided printing on gatorboard signs. If you want your sign to be double sided, simply select a double sided option from the “Printed Sides” drop down on the design tool. Once selected, a button will appear that allows you to edit/design your front and back surfaces individually.

Can gatorboard signage be cut to shape?

Yes! you can select between multiple shape options for your custom gatorboard sign including: square/rectangle, rounded corners (1″ radius), circle/oval, custom, or custom with border.

Your custom gatorboard signs can be cut along the edge of your design, leaving a slight border around the outside edge. To select this under the options tab of our design tool, click on the ‘cut’ option and select ‘Custom With Boarder’ (previously known as or sometimes referred to as halo cut). You can also select “Custom” (previously known as or sometimes referred to as contour cut) to cut your signs to the exact shape you need. If you have any additional questions about how your sign is cut, feel free to contact us at support@signs.com or 888-222-4929.

If I wanted to cut my own sign, how would I go about that?

If you do wish to cut your sign to your own specifications, we suggest using a sharp blade or knife. Avoid using large hand saws, as they will not leave a smooth edge. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the sign.

How is the design printed on the gatorboard? Will it peel away?

Your design will be printed directly onto the gatorboard using UV ink, which is scratch and abrasion resistant. UV ink gives a long lasting, vibrant appearance. Because the ink is cured using UV light it will not peel away from your sign.

Do you offer a laminate or glossy finish to your gatorboard signs?

Currently we do not offer a any laminated or glossy coating for our custom gatorboard signs. The UV ink that is printed onto the board material will have a high quality, scratch resistant, matte finish that is exceptional for display purposes.

What kind of finish does gatorboard have? What about my design?

The natural paper faces of the gatorboard, before a design is printed, will have a matte paper finish. When a design is printed the ink will have a matte appearance as well.

Can I put grommets or drilled holes in my gatorboard?

We do offer drilled holes as an option for gatorboard. To include drilled holes, simply click on the ‘drilled holes’ option in our design too. Grommets are not suitable for use with gatorboard signs so we do not offer them as an option.

Is gatorboard fire resistant?

Being a paper and plastic product, gatorboard is not fire resistant. We do not recommend placing the sign near extreme heat or an open flame.

What is the lifespan of your gatorboard signs?

Using strictly indoors and with proper handling and care, a gatorboard sign can last 2+ years.

How do I request an order with custom or additional drilled holes?

You can request custom drilled holes by selecting the “Custom” option in the design tool. During checkout, explain your custom drilled holes in the customer comment box. Custom drilled holes will incur an additional cost.


Can gatorboard signs be used outside?

Gatorboard is designed for indoor display purposes. That being said, gatorboard signs can be temporarily displayed outside in pleasant weather conditions. We highly discourage you from placing gatorboard signage outside in harsh, windy, or wet weather.

What are the typical uses of gatorboard signs?

Gatorboard is typically used as promotional, point of purchase displays, and directional signage for retail stores and businesses. Gatorboard can be used as a cheaper alternative to a rigid plastic or aluminum sign for indoor signage. Restaurants or cafes can hang this board to display menus or specials offered. It can also be used at trade shows and events as welcome signage, registration signage or even as part of a display booth. It is also affordable enough to be used in business presentations. Lastly, our gatorboard signs can also be used for handheld signage at campaign rallies, by street advertisers and more. Durable enough to be held up and waved around but light enough to be held for extended periods.

Can I use gatorboard to build 3-D displays or exhibits?

Yes! Gatorboard can be used to create eye-catching 3-D displays. Flex your creative muscle when incorporating gatorboard into your display. The lightweight property allows for it to be suspended from a ceiling with string or rope, or mounted on a wall. You can create 3-D shapes and objects with multiple gatorboard pieces or combine it with our custom falconboard signs to make a captivating display.

Can I use gatorboard as a surface to mount other objects on?

You can use gatorboard as a surface to hang light objects, such as paper, cardboard, foamboard, or falconboard. We suggest that you avoid hanging heavy objects, as this will put strain on the board and could result in bending or tearing of the gatorboard. Use adhesive, nails, screws, or thumbtacks to secure objects to the face of the gatorboard. Do not place heavy objects directly on top of gatorboard in a table like fashion or even when being stored. These uses can permanently damage the gatorboard signs.

Installation & Care

How do I install/hang/post my gatorboard sign?

You can hang a gatorboard sign by using nails or screws to secure it to a wall. String, rope, or hooks can be used to suspend the sign from a ceiling. Signs can be attached to a surface using strong adhesive or glue as well.

What happens if my gatorboard sign is exposed to large amounts of moisture?

Gatorboard is not designed to be waterproof or resistant to moisture. As such, if your board is exposed to a large amount of water it will become permanently damaged. The moisture will warp the paper faces and could cause them to separate from the foam core. This can be true for direct exposure to water as well as extremely humid conditions.

How do I store my gatorboard signs?

We recommend storing your custom gatorboard sign in an upright position and away from sharp edges or objects to prevent any scratching or denting of the face of the board. If you do decide to store your board on its face, make sure to avoid placing objects on top of the sign. Doing so could cause unwanted flattening or puncturing of the board. This is particularly true if the gatorboard signage is suspended between two objects with no middle support.

How do I clean my gatorboard sign?

Clean your gatorboard using a dry, non-abrasive cloth. This should be adequate in removing surface dirt. Avoid using liquids or any cleaning solution when caring for your gatorboard sign.