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Product Specs

Is it called a ‘Step and Repeat banner’ or a ‘backdrop’? Is there a difference?

The most common name of the product offered is a “Step and Repeat banner”. The Step and Repeat portion indicates a display that is easily assembled and often used as a picture backdrop. Thus, many call the product a photography backdrop or simply “backdrop”. While we will mostly call it a Step and Repeat banner rest assured that any instance of backdrop, or a close variation, on this page still refers to the same product. Whether it’s called a Step and Repeat, a backdrop or some combination or variation of the two it serves the same purpose of a versatile display option for events, photos and more.

Can the Step and Repeat banner be used as a photography backdrop?

Assuming the photographer is aware that the Step and Repeat banner does not contain any special lighting or photography accessories, our Step and Repeat banners can easily be used as an affordable photo backdrop. An added bonus is that the fabric is not reflective in nature like a vinyl backdrop being used as a photo backdrop. Nonetheless, one simply needs to be aware of the limitations of doing so in lieu of a professional photography backdrop. It is a fabric banner with a metal frame that, with customizable printing, can serve as a background of any kind of potential photography.

What material is the banner made of? Are there any other materials available for Step and Repeat banners?

Our Step and Repeat banners are made from a 9 oz. polyester fabric material, which provides for a vibrant, durable banner. We currently do not offer any other materials for our Step and Repeat banners.

What are the differences between the polyester fabric banner and a muslin fabric banner? What about canvas, vinyl, and mesh banners?

Polyester fabric is a synthetic, lightweight material that offers exceptional functionality for a banner material. Polyester is durable against fading and has resistance to tearing. Designs are printed using a heat transfer process, providing for a long-lasting, scratch resistant design.

Muslin fabrics are commonly comprised of natural cotton, which can be compared to delicate cotton cloth. Muslin banners are typically used for decorations. Designs are either sewn into the banner itself or screen printed on the material. Muslin banners are strictly for indoor use and are less durable that the polyester counterpart.

Canvas prints or banners are comprised of a thick linen or cotton blend, which exceed the durability of a muslin fabric, but are less durable than a polyester material. Canvas is commonly used as a surface for painting and printing photographs, as well as decorative purposes.

Vinyl is a thick, high-quality material that excels in durability. Our vinyl banners are made of a 13 oz. vinyl and are printed on using UV ink, which offers a fade and scratch resistant design. Vinyl banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are generally weather resistant, and can be easily rolled up or folded for storage.

We’ve found that the best material to use for a step and repeat banner or backdrop is the 9 oz polyester. The rich colors and clear printing combined with the matte appearance make it ideal for picture taking.

How thick are your Step and Repeat banners? Do you offer any other thickness options?

We use a 9 oz. polyester fabric for our Step and Repeat banners. In our experience, 9 oz. polyester fabric is the perfect banner material for indoor display purposes and short-term outdoor use. The designs printed on fabric banners are vibrant and long-lasting due to the tightly woven fabric holding the ink. We do not currently offer any other thickness options for our Step and Repeat banners.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your banners?

We currently offer a 8’x8’, 9’x8’, 10’x8’ fabric banner that attaches to a Step and Repeat frame or backdrop.

What material is the Step and Repeat frame or backdrop made of?

The poles of the frame are aluminum, which offers a rigid structure while maintaining a lightweight nature. The grip portions of the poles are a durable plastic in order to loosen the extendable poles for height/width adjustments.

Is the frame adjustable in size?

Is the frame adjustable in size?

Do you print double-sided banners for the Step and Repeat?

We do not offer double-sided banners for the Step and Repeat banner as it is most commonly used as some form of event display or photo backdrop. If you are looking to create a standard double-sided vinyl banner, please contact us for a quote.

Does the banner allow light to pass through it? Does it offer a degree of transparency?

The fabric material does offer the ability for light to be visible through the banner, but the banner is not transparent in nature due to fabric being used. Visible light is likewise more limited with darker color backdrops versus lighter ones.

Will my banner have seams?

Regardless of the size of banner you select there will be no seams in your banner. The banner is one solid piece. There will be stitching visible both on the front and back side of the banner where the pole pockets and very small hems are stitched. This stitching is virtually unnoticeable, but provides for a clean finish and a higher durability.

Are the fabric banners a matte or gloss finish?

Your Step and Repeat backdrop will have a vibrant, matte finish when printed on the polyester fabric.

Do your fabric banners have the ability to stretch?

Polyester fabric does have a small degree of stretchability, but we do not recommend frequent stretching of the product. Doing so could permanently stretch your banner, causing the appearance of the banner to become altered.

Will the banner sag or bunch up when displayed on the frame?

Because the fabric is not tension fabric, there will be some looseness when it is fully assembled. Most of this slack can be nullified by ensuring your frame is the proper height and width. Any additional slack or looseness is simply a byproduct of using a non tension-based fabric banner.

Should I be concerned about the fabric banner ripping or tearing?

Without proper care, the fabric banner can be damaged, ripped, or torn. Make sure to keep the banner away from objects that can possibly tear or damage it. To ensure your banner stays in pristine condition, carefully fold and store it in a safe place.

What kind of printing process do you use for your Step and Repeat banners?

We use a Dye Sublimation process to print your design on the fabric banner. Dye Sublimation is a method that transfers your design from a paper film to the fabric using a heat press method. The heat permanently ‘dyes’, the design into the fabric, giving you a vibrant, long-lasting banner.

Are the edges of your Step and Repeat banners hemmed?

The edges of the fabric banner are hemmed. Though this hem is very small – approximately ¼” wide. It is just big enough to ensure that there isn’t fraying at the edge of your banner. The banner also includes pole pockets at the top and bottom of the banner, which are stitched into the material.

Do pole pockets affect the printed area of the banner?

About three inches of your graphic on both the top and the bottom will end up being a part of the pole pocket. That portion will still be visible from the front, but will be wrapped halfway around the pole. We therefore do not recommend having any text within 4 inches of the top or bottom of your design.

How do I create a picture or photo banner?

Begin by clicking the “Get Started” button on the product page, then choose the blank template option. We also offer a link to a blank template under our “popular templates” section. Once in our design tool, click on the “Upload Image” button under the “Design Tools” tab on the left of the page. Image files can be up to 25MB, so make sure that your file meets that criteria. With your image uploaded into the design tool, you can arrange it and add complementary text to your banner. If you’re having trouble or need additional assistance in designing your banner, you can contact us for free design help or even just for help uploading larger files.


Can I use a Step and Repeat banner outdoors?

While the backdrop and banner can be used outdoors, we recommend limiting outdoor exposure. Prolonged outdoor use can affect the quality of the banner, as well as increase the risk of tearing or damaging of the banner. If you do use it outside we recommend doing so in calm/nice weather on a solid surface for best results.

What are typical uses for your Step and Repeat banners?

Step and Repeat banners are widely used in a variety of settings as photo backdrops, indoor backdrops at tradeshows, conventions, fairs, and media events. These backdrops can be used to display new products for a business, pictures of notable event speakers, and directory information.

Step and repeat banners can also be used as a backdrop for photographs at red carpet events, formal dances, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, proms and weddings. Backdrops are perfect to use in broadcast interview situations or winner podium settings to promote event sponsors. When used in photographs or an interview setting, lighting should be used to enhance the scene. Light elements are not included with our Step and Repeat banners. Lastly, businesses can use these banners within their stores to create compelling promotional displays or seasonal advertising.

The quick setup and takedown and professional display of a custom backdrop makes it ideal for all of the settings listed.

Can I use a different banner with the Step and Repeat frame?

We recommend using the fabric banner that is specifically designed for the Step and Repeat frame. Banners must be sized correctly to fit the frame, so unless you order an additional banner of the exact measurements with pole pockets, it will not fit properly on the frame.

Are your backdrop banners weather resistant?

The Step and Repeat banner is not designed to be weather resistant. The polyester material is not waterproof and is not resistant to tearing or being pierced. The banner and printed design can be affected by prolonged periods in direct sunlight. We recommend using the Step and Repeat banner indoors only.

Can I use rope or string to secure my banner to a solid object?

When used indoors, the Step and Repeat banner does not require any anchoring methods. The design of the frame allows for stability on even surfaces. It’s important to note that, if used outdoors, there are no manufactured anchor points where a rope can be used to tie the Step and Banner frame to an object.

Will the design on my banner fade over time?

Proper displaying and caring for your banner will prevent any fading to the design. Indoor use of the banner will protect the design from fading over time. Only prolonged and direct exposure to the sun will adversely impact the printing of your fabric banner.

Will my banner printing scratch or rub off?

The design is permanently dyed into the fibers of the fabric banner using a heat transfer process, which provides increased longevity and scratch resistance. Scratching of the design is unlikely without damage to the fabric itself. In any case, proper care, displaying, and storing of the banner will protect your fabric from snagging or tearing.

Installation & Care

How do I set up my Step and Repeat banner display?

To assemble your Step and Repeat banner there are a few simple steps you must follow. These steps are outlined on an instruction sheet that comes with your purchase. If for some reason this is missing we’ve outlined the process below.

While assembly and take down can be done by a single person, we recommend that at least two people work together to set up your Step and Repeat banner. With two people assembly takes no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Each Step and Repeat banner will come with 6 poles and 2 metal stands or bases. Also included is an allen wrench, 4 plastic head bolts and two screws. The poles are labelled with a small plastic decal with letters on them. These consist of 2 “A-B” poles, 2 “C-D” poles and 2 “A-C” poles. The former two (“A-B” and “C-D”) are the horizontal poles. The latter will be the vertical poles of your frame.

The first step is to connect the top horizontal poles (A-B) by connecting the two “B” ends of the poles. Simply press the small silver button down on one “B” end of the poles. This will then slide into the other “B” end of the top pole and click into place. Once clicked into place the “A” ends can be loosened and extended to the proper width of your banner.

The bottom poles are connected in the exact same fashion as the top ones. These are the “C-D” poles with the “D” end having the locking button and hole and the “C” ends having the adjustable portion of your frame.

The vertical poles are indicated by the A-C stickers. These do not have a locking mechanism on either end of the poles. Rather, the bottom has a threaded hole to attach to the base using the allen wrench and screw. This pole then has two places to loosen and extend the pole to the full height needed. Once fully extended and attached to the base ensure the holes at the top and bottom of the pole face inwards in order to attach your horizontal poles to the vertical ones.

Before attaching your horizontal poles to the two vertical ones, put the two horizontal poles through the provided pole pockets on the backside of your banner. Make sure to carefully pull the banner over the loosening grips to ensure no ripping of the pole pocket. We recommend putting the poles through the pockets on the ground.

Once your horizontal poles are put through the pockets you need to attach them to the vertical poles and bases previously assembled. Using the four provided plastic head screws, firmly tighten the top and bottom of each side of your frame. We recommend you do this all on the ground for easiest assembly.

Once fully assembled, and with the help of another person, stand up your backdrop banner with the two bases sitting on a flat, solid surface. You may need to adjust the width of your frame by shortening or lengthening the top and bottom of the horizontal poles. We recommend making adjustments to the top and bottom poles of the same side of the banner for the easiest assembly. The vertical poles can also be adjusted in the same fashion if the height needs adjustment.

How do I store my banner?

We recommend storing your backdrop frame and banner in the carrying case that is included when purchasing the backdrop. This case is designed to hold all 6 poles and both bases in a secure, easy-to-store case. Though the banner does not ship within the carrying case, it is possible to carefully fold the banner to fit within the case for both travel and storage.

My banner is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

We suggest using a handheld steamer to remove any creases that may be present on your banner. You can also use an iron on a very low heat setting to remove wrinkles.

How do I wash my banner? Can I use a washing machine to clean my banner? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?

For simple dirt removal, you can clean your banner using a wet cloth. This will remove most surface dirt that could accumulate on the banner.

Polyester fabric is also suitable for use in a washing machine on a low spin cycle using cold water. When using a washing machine, avoid heavy detergents and bleach. We do not recommend using a tumble dryer to dry the banner. Instead, let the banner air dry completely before folding for storage or before displaying.