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Product Specs

What are your outdoor wall decals made out of?

Our outdoor wall decals are made out of a reflective, aluminum-foil based material with an industrial grade adhesive. Their unique manufacturing enables them to adhere to virtually any surface as well as conform to the shape of said surface

How does the aluminum-based material compare to the standard vinyl material that is often used for outdoor graphics?

Vinyl-based graphics are most commonly used for outdoor graphics but have several disadvantages when compared to aluminum-based graphics. The advantages of aluminum-based graphics include: the ability to install them without any special tools or heat, far superior durability without the need of an over laminate, the ability to conform to uneven and unsmooth surfaces, and a much simpler and cleaner removal process on compatible surfaces.

How thick are your outdoor wall decals? Will they protrude out of my wall?

These outdoor wall graphics are a razor-thin 15 mil once placed on your wall, and with industrial strength adhesive, will remain on the applied surface until your ready to remove it. These decals are often described as having the appearance of being painted onto a wall so you don’t need to worry about them protruding from your wall.

Are outdoor wall decals the same thing as outdoor wall graphics or outdoor wall stickers?

There are many other names for Outdoor Wall Decals, including outdoor wall graphics, outdoor wall stickers, and outdoor wall wraps. No matter what you call them, they are they same product.

Are your outdoor wall decals covered with a laminate?

As our wall decals are made out of a heavy-duty aluminum-foil based substrate, with an aggressive adhesive backing, no additional laminates are needed to seal and protect your decal outdoors. Our decals are ready to be used in harsh weather conditions, resistant to fading, and can last for 5+ years with proper care and maintenance.

Can my outdoor wall decal be cut to any shape?

Your decal can be cut in one of five ways as described below:

Square/Rectangle: Your decal will be cut to a square or rectangular at the dimensions you specify.

Rounded Corners: Your decal will be cut to a square or rectangle that includes rounded corners with either a 1/4″ or 1″ radius.

Circle/Oval: Your decal will be cut to the shape of a circle or oval at the dimensions you specify.

Custom: Your decal will be cut to a custom shape to match your design. For best results, we recommend avoiding sharp points or intricate patterns in order to maintain the structural integrity of your decal. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!

Custom with Border: Your decal will be cut to a custom shape with a border of unprinted material left around the edges of your decal.

What is the minimum and maximum size of the outdoor wall decal?

You can choose to create a decal as small as 6”x6” or one as large as 53” by up to 150’. Larger designs (when both dimensions exceed the 53” roll width) can be paneled together to cover larger surface areas.

Are there standard or recommended sizes of your decals?

There are virtually no limits to the size of overall design you can print, given the option of paneling your outdoor wall decals. If your project is a large one and you need any help with your design don’t hesitate to contact us for free design services! We also offer national installation services if installing a paneled outdoor wall decal is something that gives you pause. Simply contact us for details!

Will it cost more to print my decal in more than one color? Can you print full color?

All of our decals are printed with a fade and abrasion resistant UV ink in full color. Thus, whether you need one color or many there is no additional charge.

If I need a specific color for my decals, can you color match?

When you need your graphics to perfectly match your brand, we’re happy to help! While full color printing is included with all of our products, for those who need to match specific pantones, we do offer color matching services. Please contact us for details regarding the process and associated costs of color matching.

Are the wall decals 3D? Do you offer 3D wall decals?

The unprinted material is a reflective, glossy white tone that reflects roughly triple the amount of light as a small LED flashlight. Should you select the Custom with Border shape option, a border of this unprinted, white material will surround the perimeter of your decal.

My graphics will primarily be used in dark or nighttime settings, will these be visible during such times or low-light conditions?

Our outdoor wall decals are easily visible at night, reflecting up to 130mcd, or roughly triple the brightness of a small LED flashlight. Of course, there has to be some kind of lighting to allow them to be visible but generally speaking they work well for nighttime conditions.


Are the outdoor wall decals for interior or exterior use? Are they weather resistant?

Our outdoor wall decals are rugged, enabling them to withstand inclement and harsh weather conditions for up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance. And, with our UV in, they’re also highly resistant to fading, scratching and abrasions. The decals are rated to work in temperatures ranging from -40F to 302F assuming they are installed at the proper temperatures.

Can the graphics be used on uneven surfaces?

Because our outdoor wall graphics are made of a malleable aluminum foil substrate, they are highly conformable to uneven surfaces including brick and stucco. While they do readily conform to any surface, it’s important not to place the decal over cracked surfaces or loose material, as doing so could lead to punctures or improper adhesion.

How long will my outdoor wall graphics last for?

With proper care and maintenance, our outdoor wall decals can last up to 5 or more years with proper care and maintenance. While the graphic is applied, it will withstand inclement weather, abrasions and scratches.

Will there be a residue when I remove it? Will it ruin the surface where it was installed?

Once you’re ready to remove your outdoor wall decal, it will come off clean and easily without any special tools, leaving no residue on unsealed surfaces. It’s important to note that applying these decals to painted or sealed surfaces should be approached with caution, as some paints may be damaged or a residue may be left in these cases.

What surfaces are compatible with these decals?

Our outdoor wall decals will readily stick to cinder block, terrazzo, metal, vinyl, concrete, asphalt, brick, stucco, tile, and even glass. They can also be used on swimming pool and fountain floors, as long as the surface is dried when the graphic is applied and allowed to set for at least 24 hours, prior to refilling the body of water.

While these graphics will have no trouble adhering to glass, we would recommend one of our many custom window or vehicle decals that are better suited for use on glass. Glass and polished masonry surfaces (think polished marble) can result in residual adhesive and are not the best surfaces for these decals.

If any, which surfaces are not suited for your outdoor wall decals?

The primary surfaces that should be avoided are painted or sealed ones. Adhering your decals to painted surfaces can cause damage to the surface paint when removed even if the paint is fully cured in some cases. Sealed surfaces should be avoided as the combination of the sealant and the strong adhesive property of the decal can make removal very difficult.

Are my custom outdoor wall decals reusable?

No. Your outdoor wall decals are not reusable and will adhere aggressively once applied to a surface. It is critical not to crinkle or bend your decal before or during application. For best results, please follow the installation instructions below carefully.

What are the common uses of outdoor wall decals?

Outdoor wall decals have a wide range of uses including directional uses in factories, warehouses, and parking garages, branding of brick and mortar business locations, public transit stops and platforms, university campuses and other public spaces. They are also commonly used in home or personal applications in a variety of decorative ways on exterior walls.

Installation & Care

Does installation require any special tools or additional people?

Generally speaking, our outdoor wall decals are easy to install and can be done without any specialized tools. Nonetheless, a rubber hand roller (also known as J-Roller) can assist in ensuring the decal is pressed evenly onto the desired surface. These rollers are offered as an additional accessory for purchase, available in the options section of our design tool.

Smaller graphics can easily be installed by just one person, however we do recommended additional hands for installing larger graphics as they will need to be applied precisely and correctly the first time. For extra large decals that may require paneling, please contact us if you are interested in professional installation services.

Do your outdoor wall decals require heat or a heat gun to be used?

As noted above, no special tools beyond an optional hand roller need to be used to install your outdoor wall graphics. This includes the use of a heat gun which is commonly needed when installing vinyl based outdoor decals. One of the major advantages of our outdoor graphics is the peel and stick nature coupled with amazing durability.

How do I install my outdoor wall decals?

Proper installation of your outdoor wall decal requires a brief preparation of the surface prior to application. The surface should be above freezing at the time of application: for best results, apply your wall decal when the surface temperature is above 50 F.

Surface Preparation:
1. Clean the surface to ensure it is free of debris for proper adhesion. Your main goal is to remove any dirt or grime that may prevent adhesion. A hose or power washer is typically sufficient.

2. Avoid applying your graphic over any foreign or loose substances or cracks/crevices that may negatively impact the graphic’s ability to properly adhere.

3. A mixture of 50/50 to 70/30 percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) + water can be used for dirty surfaces where the adhesion could be difficult. After applying the solution, spray it with a hose and allow it to air dry. This step is rarely needed.

Applying the Decal:
1. Once your surface is clean and completely dry, remove the brown paper back liner from the decal. Please note that the decal is not repositionable, so it’s important that you lay it precisely where you want it on the desired surface. Avoid crinkling or bending your decal in any way before application.

2. Lay the decal on the desired surface, pressing firmly from the center out to the edges, ensuring the material conforms to the surface beneath to maximize adhesion. For uneven surfaces it is best to apply the decal a little bit at a time to make sure it adheres as the decal is not stretchy by nature.

3. To make installation easier, a hand roller (optional purchase) can be used to apply even pressure across the decal to ensure it sticks properly after pressing it to the surface with your hand.

4. Adhesion is instant and permanent once completely pressed. The adhesive material will take about 24 hours to completely set.

Note: We do not recommend applying to painted and/or sealed surfaces. Also, avoid cracks or crevices that do not allow for adhesion or can be intentionally or inadvertently punctured

How do I remove my outdoor wall decal? Will it leave behind any residue or sticky substances? Do I need special tools?

It’s simple to remove your outdoor wall decal. You only need to peel it away from the surface, starting from one corner of the decal, continuing until the entire decal separates from thef surface. The decal will remove in one piece without any residue, from unsealed surfaces. Typically no residue or adhesive will be left behind when you remove your decal from the surface. If there is residual adhesive left behind most standard mild adhesive cleaners can be used to remove it.

How do I discard my decals?

These outdoor wall decals are 100% recyclable, as they’re manufactured out of a PVC-free aluminum. Simply deposit them in the nearest recycling receptacle

How do I wash and clean my outdoor wall decals?

To clean your decals, avoid the use of powerful pressure washers and abrasive cloths. A soft wash cloth and warm water will suffice to keep your wall decals clean and visible. Lightly spraying the decal from a garden hose or a low pressure power washer from a distance greater than 36” can also help to clean the decals. If using a low power pressure washer avoid spraying it directly at the edges of your decal even when you are at least 36” away.

Can I store my graphics before applying them?

Prior to use, these decals may be stored provided they are kept in a cool, dry place and are not heavily stacked, as so doing may cause wrinkling which could prevent the decal from properly adhering.