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Product Specs

What are the differences between wall quotes and wall stickers?

Wall quotes are non-printed lettering, numbers, or simple graphics that can be easily adhered to your wall using a pre-mask and transfer tape. Wall quotes cannot be used to print detailed or intricate designs. Wall quotes allow for individual shapes, letters, or numbers to stick to a wall rather than have a continuous piece of material for your design.

Alternatively, wall stickers or graphics are a continuous piece of material (whether they are cut to shape or not); these are ideal for detailed designs because they are printed on, rather than cut from vinyl.

The other major difference is that wall quotes are semi-permanent in nature. Once applied, they can not be moved around or repositioned. Though they can be removed without damaging the paint of walls or the surface where applied but will not be able to be reapplied once removed.

In contrast to this, wall stickers are repositionable and reusable. The low-tac adhesive used for these wall stickers give them the ability, assuming proper care and use, to be applied, removed, stored and reapplied without problem many times over the course of years.

For individual lettering or letters wall quotes is the ideal product. For repositionable graphics or stickers that have a background, wall stickers is the better solution.

What material is used for your wall quotes?

We use a 2-mil cast film, also known as high-adhesive cut vinyl.

What colors or fonts are available? Can I request a custom color or font?

There are over 33 standard and 6 specialty colors available to use in wall quotes. We offer over 70 different fonts on our design tool that will meet any decor or inspirational quote need. We can also accommodate custom colors and fonts, please contact us to verify if we can use your custom color or font.

Can I use multiple colors or fonts in my design?

Yes, using multiple fonts and colors is possible. It is important to note that using multiple colors will impact the pricing of your wall quote.

Can I print an image or photo using your wall quotes?

Unfortunately, wall quotes are only designed to print lettering, numbers and the available clipart in our design tool. Wall stickers, on the other hand, allow you to print images or photos that you can adhere to your wall.

Do you offer patterned or reflective wall quotes?

We do not offered wall quotes with decorative or patterned designs, nor do we offer a reflective finish. Available speciality colors include frosted, gold, silver and three different fluorescent colors. These can be seen when wall quotes is selected in our design tool under the “Color” section.

Do your wall quotes have a matte or glossy finish?

Our wall quotes have a moderate glossy finish.

Are your wall quotes repositionable after being placed on the wall?

Our wall quotes are not repositionable once placed on the wall. As such, we recommend measuring out and carefully positioning your wall quote before removing the protective backing and pre-mask film.

Do you offer inspirational quote templates?

We do have set templates for inspirational quotes, but we also offer the ability to create any quote or saying using our design tool. Simply upload your design or start one from scratch and you can get the font, color and quote you want. Alternatively, you can also have us help you create your envisioned quote with our free design services. Whatever way you prefer, you can definitely get the the perfect quote for your wall.

Do you have fonts for popular brands like Disney, movies, professional sport teams, etc.)?

We provide as many fonts as we can on our site. If you don’t see the font you want, you can simply create your file using the font you want and upload it to our design tool in vector format (.ai, .eps, .pdf) and we can create your design using that font.

How big or small can your wall quotes be?

Individual letters or elements can be as small as 1”x1”. On the opposite end of the spectrum your wall quotes can be up to 24 inches in one dimension and 600 inches in the other dimension. Quotes that are larger than 24” in both dimensions will need to be paneled. If you’re designing something this large, don’t hesitate to contact us for free design services and additional help.

Does my design impact the pricing for my wall quote? What about choice of color?

The choice of your color will not impact the pricing of your wall quote unless you choose multiple colors. The only other things that will increase the price of your wall quote is its size and if your quantity is greater than one.

Is the adhesive toxic? Should I worry about allergic reactions to the material or adhesive?

Though the adhesive is not considered toxic, we highly caution against ingesting the adhesive or the vinyl material. Since wall quotes are made from a vinyl material, any allergy to vinyl should be taken into consideration when handling this product.

How long will my wall quote last for?

With proper display and care your wall quote will last 8-10 years.

Do your wall quotes have a laminate over top?

Our wall quotes do not have a protective laminate over the top; wall quotes are meant to last 8-10 years even without a laminate. Further, as they are typically placed on a wall and out of reach or contact, we’ve found that a laminate covering to protect it is not necessary and only increases the end cost you.

Can I order a combination of wall quotes and wall stickers to create a large scene or design?

While we do not offer the ability to create a scene within our design tool, you can use both wall quotes and wall stickers to create a decorative scene or design. You will need to create separate wall quotes and stickers using their respective products in our design tool, then add your finished designs to your cart to order them all at once.

When you receive your order you will need to place the wall quotes and wall stickers in the desired layout for your scene. We recommend measuring out where you want to adhere them to the wall before placing them upon it. If you’re having trouble creating a layout for your wall scene, contact us for free design help to assist in your design

What is transfer tape? What is a pre-mask film?

Pre-mask film and transfer tape can be used interchangeably. The transfer tape is placed over the top of your wall quote for ease of installation, allowing you to place your entire wall quote on the wall at one time instead of each individual letter, number, or simple graphic.

What is stroke width and how does it affect my wall quote?

Stroke width is the width of any letter or number in your design. Extremely narrow letters, or narrow portions of a letter, can cause issues when printing and weeding (done during production of your wall quote) wall quote lettering. These extremely narrow letters or numbers are also more prone to tearing during installation. As such, any custom font used should avoid extremely narrow fonts. That being said, please send custom fonts to us before printing so we can determine if it is suitable for printing.


What are the typical uses for wall quotes?

Wall quotes are perfect for displaying in both homes and professional environments as decor in children’s rooms, living rooms, common areas, hallway photo galleries, bathrooms, offices, reception areas, and conference rooms. Use wall quotes to display, room names, walls of fame, children’s names, company names and slogans, emergency exits, fire extinguisher designators, and building directories. Use wall quotes to beautifully display your favorite inspirational, movie / tv show, or theological quote. If you can write it out, you can print a wall quote for it.

What surfaces can wall quotes be placed on? What are the restrictions?

Wall quotes adhere best to smooth, non-porous surfaces like smooth walls, metal, glass, plastic, tile, and painted wall. Untreated and rough walls (like those not painted) will not provide a sufficient surface for adequate adhesion. Brick, porous concrete, untreated wood, and stuccoed walls are not suitable for placing wall quotes on.

Can I place quotes on windows? Mirrors?

Yes! Glass and mirrored surfaces are great for placing wall quotes on.

Are wall quotes reusable?

Wall quotes are not designed to be reused once placed on a wall, then removed after a short period of time. You will not be able to remove the quote from the wall and place it back on the wall without altering the quality of adhesion or ruining the lettering altogether.

Can I place wall quotes on outdoor walls?

Yes, wall quotes can be placed on outdoor walls as long as they are non-porous. We caution placing wall quotes in inclement weather conditions or have them exposed in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Both of these settings can permanently damage or reduce the lifespan of your quote.

Will wall quotes ruin painted walls or wallpaper?

Wall quotes should not ruin the paint on your wall, even if placed on the wall for years. Damage to the paint may occur if you use a sharp edge to aid in removing of the quote, but the quote itself will not affect the paint on the wall when peeled away correctly and slowly.

Wallpaper can vary in quality but, generally speaking, most smooth wallpaper should be left undamaged when wall quotes are adhered and then removed. Damage to wallpapered walls can occur when using a sharp edge to help in removing the wall quote.

How long can I store my wall quote before applying it to a wall?

We recommend storing your wall quote for no more than 1 year after purchasing it.

Can I apply on freshly painted walls?

No, wall quotes cannot be placed on walls that are freshly painted. It is recommended that you wait 2-3 weeks for a painted wall to dry and cure before applying your wall quote to it. Placing wall quotes on walls that are not sufficiently cured can in some instances negatively impact the paint on the wall.

How do I remove my wall quote without damaging my wall?

In most cases, you can simply peel the wall quote away from the way using your finger or fingernail. Any residual adhesive (if any) can be removed with a very mild cleaner and water, with light scrubbing. If necessary, a sharp edge such as a razor blade, may be needed to remove the wall quote if it has been in place for an extended period of time. Take care not to damage the wall or surface when using a sharp edge for removal.

Will humid environments affect the quality of adhesion to a wall?

Generally speaking, wall quotes will work just fine in humid locations or rooms (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and climates where moisture is present. Surfaces that are wet before application are not suitable for placing wall quotes on. We recommend drying the surface before application. Extremely humid locations may reduce the quality of adhesion and lifespan of your wall quote, but it should still last for years with proper installation and care.

How do I remove my wall quote without damaging my wall?

In most cases, you can simply peel the wall quote away from the way using your finger or fingernail. Any residual adhesive (if any) can be removed with a very mild cleaner and water, with light scrubbing. If necessary, a sharp edge such as a razor blade, may be needed to remove the wall quote if it has been in place for an extended period of time. Take care not to damage the wall or surface when using a sharp edge for removal.

Installation & Care

Installing a wall quote is a relatively quick and easy process that does not require and advance tools or installation aids. Larger wall quotes may require more than one person to help with installation.

The steps for installing your wall quote are found below. Please read all of the steps before beginning installation to ensure your wall quote is installed properly.

1. Clean the surface of where the wall quote will be installed using a microfiber or non-abrasive cloth and mild cleaner or light soapy water.

2. Allow the surface to completely air dry before applying the wall quote.

3. Measure off the area where your wall quote will be placed, then mark in a non-permanent fashion where you want it to be applied. Make sure it is level before applying.

4. Before removing the backing or transfer tape on the wall quote, position it on the wall using masking or painter’s tape to keep it in place. Doing so should create a hinge along the top edge of your quote.

5. Carefully peel away the backing of the quote (not the pre-mask which sits on top of the quote) from the back of your quote, peeling down only a few inches. Do not let the adhesive side of the wall quote touch the wall yet. You can accomplish this by holding the quote at an angle away from the surface after having created a hinge in the previous step.

6. Slowly continue peeling the backing away (from top to bottom), while using your hand or a flat surface (an optional squeegee is available for purchase while on our design tool) to adhere the wall quote to the wall along the way. Pull the backing away little by little until the wall quote is fully applied.

7. Once applied to the wall, use a smooth, hard surface (like a credit card or squeegee) to firmly press the quote onto the wall by sliding it over the still pre-masked quote.

8. Carefully remove the masking tape hinge and pre-mask (transfer film) to fully reveal your wall quote. If pieces of the quote come away from the wall while you pull the transfer film off slowly reverse and firmly press the lettering onto the wall with the squeegee.

9. Use a flat edge to remove any bubbles that remain after installation. If done correctly bubbles are uncommon.

How do I remove any bubbles from my wall quote?

With proper installation you should not have to worry about bubbles forming underneath your wall quote. If necessary, carefully lift the portion of the wall quote where the bubbles are located, then use a hard edge to smooth out the quote. Larger bubbles that can cause tearing while trying to remove them can be punctured with a pin or needle (this can affect the overall aesthetic of your wall quote). Air can then be carefully removed using your hand or a flat surface. Take extreme care to avoid wrinkles when trying to remove larger air bubbles.

Do you provide any tools for installation?

We do offer an optional squeegee with your purchase of a wall quote. Simply select the squeegee in the accessories option in our design tool to include one with your purchase.

Should I regularly clean my wall quote? If so, how do I go about this?

Yes, regular cleaning of your wall quote will ensure it stays pristine and in excellent condition. Use a damp, microfiber cloth to remove any built up dirt around the edges of the decal. To avoid damaging your wall quote, do not scrub too hard or use strong cleaners.