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Product Specs

Are rectangle flag banners and feather flag banners the same thing? What about angled flag banners? Custom flags?

While we call it a “rectangle flag banner”, due its shape, these types of flag banners and what they are called are commonly interchanged. A flag banner is a type of banner displayed on a flagpole, like our feather flag banners, teardrop flag banner, and angled flag banners. Custom flags are entirely different products that we do not currently offer. All four types of our flag banners can be found here: business and advertising flags.

What material is your rectangle flag banner made out of?

Our rectangular banner is comprised of a weather and fade resistant 4 oz polyester. This lightweight, durable material is the ideal material for both outdoor and indoor display purposes because of its high-quality printed design and versatility.

What is the lifespan of your rectangular flag banner?

With proper caring and storing of the rectangular banner, it will last for 2+ years.

Will exposure to sun fade the banner?

The rectangle flag banner is designed to be fade resistant, but if regularly left exposed in direct sunlight the banner could lose some of its vibrant quality. We recommend displaying the banner out of direct sunlight and storing your banner when it is not in use to increase its longevity.

Will the wind be able to blow my rectangular flag banner away?

The rectangular flag banner is designed to resist small gusts of wind or breezes, but heavy wind may knock the banner over. We recommend not displaying your banner in heavy wind conditions to avoid any damage to the banner material or flag pole.

Does the rectangle flag banner come with rope to tie it down?

The banner does not come with rope to tie or anchor the banner to a solid surface. The flag does have a small bungee to attach the banner to the pole set securely, but this will not prevent the banner from being knocked or blown over. There are no anchor points on the rectangle banner to anchor it with rope. We do of course offer a number of different bases to help prevent your banner from being knocked over.

How small or big can my rectangular banner be?

We offer three sizes of rectangle flags:

Small – 8.5’ — 31”x90.5”

Medium – 11.8’ — 31”x114”

Large – 15’ — 31”x151.5”

The height in feet is the overall display height, this includes the ground stake. The actual size of the banner itself is the size displayed in inches.

Are the flagpoles designed to be interchangeable between banner sizes?

No, each flagpole is specifically designed for its respective banner size. A small rectangle flag banner will not properly fit on a medium flagpole set, nor will a small flagpole set support a larger banner.

Can I order a replacement pole set or additional hardware as standalone products?

No, at this time we do not offer standalone pole sets for purchase online. Replacement banners are available and can be purchased by not selecting the pole option when placing your order. If you need a replacement pole set, stand or other hardware option, please contact us at support@signs.com or 888-222-4929 so that we can assist you in ordering these materials.

Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?

The design area of your banner will take up most of the face of the flag. Each banner is surrounded by a 2- 2 ½ inch black border / seam, which holds the two polyester faces together and forms the flag pole pocket.

Are your banners a matte or gloss finish?

The polyester banner material and the printed design will have a matte finish.

Will my banner melt if placed in direct sunlight or high temperatures?

The banner will not melt when placed in direct sunlight, but over time.

Are your banners fire resistant?

The rectangle flag banner is not fire resistant; we recommend you do not display your banner near open flames to avoid serious damage or complete destruction of your flag.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my banner?

Templates are provided for your convenience, but they are not necessary to design a rectangle flag banner. You may upload your own design or template using our design tool. We also offer free design help to assist you in the design process if needed.

Is the single sided option for rectangular banners mirrored or print through?

It is print through. If you select a single sided banner, the image will be seen through the banner and will display a mirror of the front. Not because we’ve printed on the backside but simply because it will be visible through the material to a certain extent. Choosing a double sided banner will allow you to print the same or different design on the back of the banner without seeing the design from the other side.

Can your rectangle flag banners be double sided?

Yes, they can be. Simply select the ‘Double Sided’ option when designing your banner in the design tool.

For double sided rectangular banners, can I do different images on the front and back?

Yes, all you need to do is select the ‘Double Sided’ option in the design tool and upload the image that you would like printed on the backside of your banner.

If I order just a banner, single or double sided, will I get a pole set with it?

No, you must select the ‘pole set’ option in the design tool to include a pole set with your rectangle banner. We will ensure that the correct pole set size gets sent with your corresponding banner size.

How big is the ground stake? Can it be placed in loose or thick soil?

The solid metal ground stake (spike) is 25” long (about 2 feet). The stake attaches to the bottom of the flagpole and can be driven into the ground using a mallet or hammer. We recommend placing the spike in thick soil or ground to ensure that it is secure in the ground. There is not a specific depth to which the stake needs to be placed, simply drive the stake until it is firmly in the ground.

What’s the difference between the square base and the cross base?

Each base is designed to add stability to the rectangle flag banner when displaying both indoors and outdoors. The square base is our heaviest base option, weighing in at 21 lbs. This base is ideal for displaying on outdoor surfaces. The base sits flat on the ground, which is less likely to be a tripping hazard. Due to its weight and size, the square base is not designed to be portable, so we recommend using it at a fixed location.

The cross base is the ideal portable base for use at trade shows, conventions or mobile kiosks. The 4 foldable legs allow for this base to fit inside a wide variety of travel bags or cases. Weighing in at 6.4 lbs, the base will provide added weight without being cumbersome in travel. The optional water weight (an additional 16 lbs) can be placed on the base to improve stability. We recommend placing the base and the banner away from footpaths to avoid it being a tripping hazard.

What is the water bag? Can it be filled with sand?

The water bag is a donut-shaped weight that can be filled using water, which adds 16 lbs of weight to the cross or square base. We recommend that you do not fill the bag with sand, as sand is harder to fill and empty. The bag is portable (when empty) and can be folded up to fit inside the any kind of travel bag or case that may be used to transport your rectangle flag banner.

Does the rectangle flag banner come with a carrying case or pole bag?

Unfortunately at this time the rectangle flag banner doesn’t come with a carrying case or pole bag like our other business flags. The pole set can typically be transported by using bungees to hold them together while the banner is foldable and fits in basically any type of bag. Additional hardware options can typically be transported in the same bag excepting the square base.

What are your other banners that you offer?

We offer a variety of different banners for any display need. Available banners include custom vinyl banners, fabric banners, mesh banners, and retractable banners. We also offer feather banners, teardrop and angled flag banners that are similar in design to the rectangle flag banner.


Can I put two flags on one pole?

A flag pole is only designed to support one banner at a time.

Do I have to use the pole set included or can I attach the banner to any type of small pole?

The pole set that is included with your purchase is designed specifically to display the rectangle banner. In theory, you can use a different pole as long as it fits in the pole pocket, but doing so may damage the banner. We discourage you from placing the banner on a pole different from the one we provide.

What are rectangle flag banners typically used for?

Rectangular banners are designed to be used as outdoor and indoor promotional displays. These banners are portable and can be taken to tradeshows, conventions, or used at mobile kiosks. Outdoors they are often used at parades, markets of all sorts, grand openings, fairs, events and more. The large printed area of the banner makes it ideal for displaying advertisements, logos, and business branding. They are also excellent for attracting foot traffic to a booth, kiosk or physical location.

Installation & Care

How do I assemble my rectangle flag banner?

Setting up the rectangle flag banner is a simple process that can be done in less than 10 minutes. Begin assembly by taking the base pole (this will have the metal hook at the bottom), and connecting it to the similarly sized middle pole(s). To do so, align the button of one pole to the hole of the other pole. Make sure the button clicks into place to connect the poles. This process will be continued by connecting all the poles together. It’s important to note that you do not finish placing the horizontal pole into the top of the pole set until after sliding the banner into place.

You can take the attached vertical poles and slide them into the pole pocket of your flag banner. Take your time sliding the pole into the pocket to avoid stretching or tearing of the banner.

Once the banner is slid over the assembled pole, insert the smaller, horizontal pole into the top pole pocket of the banner. Next, attach the small pole piece to the rest of the flagpole, by using the click buttons like previously done.

Now you can insert the pole and banner set into a ground stake or one of the other available base options. To secure the pole and banner to the base, take the small bungee cord and connect it to the pole and banner hooks respectively. With that completed, you’re ready to display the assembled rectangle banner in or on the ground.

The bungee for my banner broke, how do I fix this?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a replacement bungee at this time. While this small bungee helps keep the banner taut it isn’t absolutely critical to the flag functioning correctly. Thus, you have several options. The first is to continue to use the flag without it. Assuming the fabric and metal hooks respectively are not broken, any other rope or small bungee will work in the same manner. If one of the hooks are broken we recommend that you buy a replacement banner and/or pole set as needed.

How do the individual poles attach together?

Poles are attached by inserting the end with the button mechanism into the end of the other pole with the hole. Align the button and the hole to ensure that button clicks into place, securing the poles together.

How do I best care for my banner?

Caring for your banner is straightforward. We recommend cleaning the surface of your banner with a light cleaning solution (not bleach) and moist cloth to remove any built up dirt. You can also machine wash on a low cycle using cold water. Storing your banner overnight during non business hours will also increase the lifespan of your rectangle flag banner. We recommend folding the banner up and storing it in either a case or in an area that will prevent any damage.

Is my banner machine washable?

Yes. Please only wash on a low cycle using cold water. Do not tumble dry. You should only air dry your banner.

How do I disassemble and store my custom angled banner?

Simply remove the pole and banner from the base it is attached to. Remove the top/horizontal pole and then the flag. When taking the flag off, slowly remove the flag pole from the pole pocket to ensure the banner does not snag on the pole. You can then take apart the vertical poles. Fold the banner neatly and place it in a place where it will not be damaged. Store the poles in a safe place where they will not be damaged.