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Product Specs

What are your posters made of?

Our posters are made out of a durable, 24 point card stock that is pliable enough to be rolled up yet rigid enough to stand up against an easel. Their lightweight form factor makes them ideal for use in presentations on the go. Unlike the printed movie or celebrity posters you find at a retail store, these posters are made of a thicker material that is more durable and lasts longer. In addition, the UV ink printing process will leave a semi-gloss sheen as opposed to the high-gloss finish usually seen on other posters

Can I create my poster to have a different shape than just rectangular or square?

Absolutely! You can select between multiple shape options for your custom poster including: square/rectangle, rounded corners (¼” or 1″ radius), circle/oval, custom (previously known as or sometimes referred to as contour), or custom with border (previously known as or sometimes referred to as halo). Simply select which option you prefer in the quick start options menu or in the design tool!

How thick is the poster? Do you offer different thickness options?

Our 24 point posters measure .024″ thick, which is about the thickness of 6 sheets of copy paper. These are thicker and more durable than the posters you find at retail stores, with a semi-gloss finish, as opposed to the high-gloss of celebrity posters.

How durable is the poster? Will the poster signs bend?

Our posters are durable enough to stand up by themselves against an easel or similar display, but they can still be rolled up when you need to transport them. To make sure your poster continues to last, it is important not to bend or crease them in any way, as doing so will damage your poster. If you are looking for a more rigid material, consider opting for a foam board sign.

What sizes do you offer? What is the maximum and minimum size you offer?

Our posters can be ordered to any custom size as small as 6”x6” and as large as 98”x48”.

What are some common or standard poster sizes?

Many of our customers order posters sized at 24”x48”. But, as we offer custom sizes, our customers also order 11”x17”, 18”x30”, 20”x20”, 24”x36”, 30”x65” and sizes up to 98”x48.

My design is really detailed and contains a number of colors. Will this increase my cost?

Nope! All of our posters are printed using a 4-color, CMYK process, so whether your design has one color or one hundred colors, you won’t be charged any extra!

Is it possible to make my poster sign double sided?

Absolutely, all of our posters can be printed on both sides if desired. In the design tool, under “Options,” select “Two Sides Same” if you’d like your poster to have the same design on both sides, or “Two Sides Different” to upload or create separate designs for each side.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We are happy to offer free shipping for orders over $75 for any of our non-rigid signs, as well as rigid signs under 36” inch. If your order for posters is over $75, we’ll cover the shipping!

What is the lifespan of your poster signs?

With proper care and maintenance, your poster can last up to 2 years. It is important to use your poster only indoors and not to expose it to any liquids or dirt, as exposure to moisture and dust will cause the poster to break down.


Can my poster be used outside? / Is there anywhere I can’t use my poster?

We do not recommend using your poster outside as its paper construction makes it susceptible to moisture damage, and it will not withstand the elements.

What are posters typically used for?

You can enjoy a variety of uses with our posters, including business presentations, product ads, posting information at health offices, displaying school rules and instructions, and presenting business and safety procedures. If you’re a little stuck on how you need to design your poster, don’t hesitate to get started with our free design services, where our professional design team will work with you on creating your poster from scratch!

Installation & Care

Do you offer anything to help hang my poster? What is the best way to hang my poster?

Yes we do! We offer several choices for displaying your poster including velcro, command strips and poster snaps. For more questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-222-4929.

What are poster snaps? How do I use them to hang my poster?

Our easy-to-use poster snaps make it simple to display and hang your poster. Simply clip the mount to your poster then hang it onto the included hooks. Our poster snaps come pre-assembled with hanging clips and black end caps. Each poster snap includes two adjustable hooks and clear monofilament for hanging.

How do I store my poster sign(s)? How tightly can I roll up a poster without damaging it?

You can store your posters flat in a stack with other posters, or rolled up and fastened with a rubber band. Ensure to roll the poster up loosely, forming a circle with a diameter of about at least one and a half inches to a quarter of the length of the poster. Be careful not to bend or crease your posters to prevent damaging them.

How do I clean my poster sign(s)?

Posters can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Keep in mind that as the posters are made of a durable paper card stock, some dust and dirt marks may be permanent. As such, it is important to keep your posters out of the elements and away from liquids or dirt.

Do you have photo printing services or smaller poster printing available?

Yes! If you’re looking to print photos or need a smaller alternative to posters, we offer glossy photo prints as well as matte photo prints. You can also order our business flyers as large at 11”x17”.