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Product Specs

How thick are your aluminum signs? Do you offer different thickness options?

Our aluminum signs are 2mm or approximately 1/13” thick. They are made up of two .008” aluminum sheets and a solid polyethylene core. This total thickness equates to a 13.5 gauge aluminum and is extremely durable. In our experience the 2 mm aluminum signs are extremely durable and sufficiently thick for nearly all uses. Notwithstanding, if you are interested in thicker aluminum signs please contact us for a custom quote.

How come shipping costs so much?

While we offer free shipping on orders over $75, including aluminum signs, this excludes rigid materials (like aluminum) over 36” in any given dimension. Signs over this width or height require additional care when packaging in order to prevent damage when shipping. Also, at some point, the dimensions of large signs require us to ship via freight shipping with FedEx and may also require a custom crate to be built. Thus, shipping costs are significantly more expensive and we are unable to offer free shipping on these orders.

Are your aluminum signs reflective?

No, our standard aluminum signs are not reflective. If your application requires reflective material, please click over here for reflective aluminum signs.

Can I just drill my own holes?

Yes, assuming you have the know how and proper tools, drilling your own holes is fairly easy. Though for convenience reasons most people simply choose to have us drill the holes. The caveat of drilling your own holes is that any damage to the sign during the process of drilling your own holes voids any warranty that may be in place for the sign.

I need holes drilled in custom locations / Can I get more than four drilled holes?

Yes, the standard for drilled holes is one in each corner. Drilled holes are typically 3/8 inches in diameter and set .5 inches from the edge of your sign. If you need more than the standard 4 holes you can note this request on the checkout page in the customer comments field. Additional holes, within reason, are free. Requests that exceed reasonable limits may be subject to additional charges.

What sizes of metal signs do you offer? Are there minimum or maximum dimensions my sign has to adhere to?

We offer a number of standard sizes including: 6″x18″, 6″x24″, 18″x24″, 2’x1’, 2’x2′, 4’x2’, 4’x4′, 6’x3’, 4’x8′. Though unlike other sign companies, at SIgns.com you can design and order any custom size sign you might need. Simply use our design tool to customize your dimensions to your needs. The only dimension restrictions are 4” on the low end and 96” on the high end. Further, the absolute biggest sign that can be made is 48”x96”.

What is the lifespan of your aluminum signs?

With proper care and placement your custom aluminum signs should last a minimum of five or more years.

Will my design mean the sign will cost more? / Does 1 color printing reduce the cost?

All of our signs are printed in full color. Therefore, regardless of what your design might be, it will not impact the cost of your sign. Sign costs are dictated by sign type, size and quantity.

Will the sharp edges of the sign be dangerous?

The sharp edges of an aluminum sign can cut or scratch someone while being handled. For this reason all of our aluminum signs default to rounded corners. If sharp corners aren’t an issue on your signs then you can simply deselect this option while finalizing your sign on the design tool.

Do you offer double sided aluminum signs?

Yes, any size aluminum sign can be printed as a doubled sided sign. Simply select the double sided option when designing your custom aluminum sign on our design tool. If the back side of your sign has a different image/design than the front side, please contact us to send us the file for the back side after completing your order online.

What is the reinforced core in your aluminum signs? Is a simple aluminum sheet better for aluminum signage?

Most sign companies sell a simple aluminum sheet (.040) with your design printed on it. This type of aluminum can be prone to bending. Alternatively, our custom aluminum signs take it one step further and are made up of two aluminum sheets with a reinforced polyethylene (hard plastic) core. This reinforced core makes what is usually a durable sign an extremely durable sign. It makes the sign stronger at any size and ensures you’ll have not just a crisp print job for years to come but a sturdy sign as well.

Does the reinforced core make the signs extremely heavy?

While the bigger signs will obviously have some weight to them due to their size, the reinforced core is not overwhelmingly heavy. For example, a 12”x12” aluminum sign only weighs approximately a half a pound. The reinforced core truly makes for a light and very strong sign that can be used for a variety of uses.

Can I get my aluminum signs routed into specific shapes?

Yes! There are several different shape options to choose from for your aluminum sign, including Square/Rectangle, Rounded Corners (¼” or 1” radius), Circle/Oval, Custom or Custom with Border. The Custom shape option (previously known, or sometimes referred to, as Contour Cut) allows you to either upload a custom shape to our design tool or have us create a custom shape for your sign based off of your design. The Custom with Border shape option (previously known, or sometimes referred to, as as Halo Cut) is similar to the Custom shape option but will leave a small border around the edge of your design.

Do your aluminum signs have a matte or gloss finish?

Our aluminum signs have a smooth semi-gloss finish. Though where printed the signs will have a very mild matte finish.

Do you print onto the aluminum or is there a piece of vinyl overlay?

All of our aluminum signs are printed directly onto the sign with an eco-friendly UV ink that is fade, abrasion and weather resistant. Printing directly onto the aluminum gives the sign a more polished and professional image and look than does printing onto an adhesive vinyl and then applying the vinyl to the piece of aluminum.

Can my sign have a laminate covering placed over top to protect the printed portion of the sign?

We don’t currently offer laminates but will in the future. However, because we print directly on the sign your printed design should last for years to come.

What color is the aluminum before printing? Do you offer brushed aluminum?

If you were to order blank sheets of our aluminum, the color would be white. All of our aluminum is pre-painted white before having the design printed onto it. If you are looking for a brushed aluminum look, we do have that capability. Please contact us for a custom quote.

I’m looking for custom dibond signs. Is your e-panel aluminum material different from dibond? If so, what differences are there?

Previously we offered a material called Dibond in addition to our e-panel signage. Dibond signs, like the e-panel aluminum signs offered on this page are made up of two thin outer sheets of metal and a reinforced hard plastic (polyethylene) core for increased durability. Both of these sign types are made by the same manufacturer so the similarities are not surprising.
Despite the same makeup of these custom metal signs, the major difference is that the e-panel (aluminum) are designed specifically as an end use for signage applications. Further, our e-panel signs have proven to be sufficiently durable for outdoor use without needing the extra millimeter of thickness that dibond offers at the extra cost.

Are aluminum signs the same thing as metal signs?

Aluminum is a type of metal. Thus, whether you are looking for custom aluminum signs or simply any type of custom metal sign then our aluminum will definitely work. Aluminum, as noted, is a rust proof and durable metal sign option. If you want to get really technical our aluminum is actually called e-panel. For simplicity sake “aluminum signs” is the term that is often used. We also offer other custom metal signs that we don’t currently offer on the website. Please contact us for a custom quote.

I was looking for dibond signs. Are your aluminum signs considered metal signs?

Yes. Both dibond signs (no longer offered) and our e-panel aluminum signs are durable exterior metal signs.
Our aluminum signs, as noted elsewhere on this page, have thin aluminum sheets sandwiching a reinforced plastic core. Through years of experience we’ve found these signs and this specific material to be more durable than your standard aluminum sign. Our e-panel aluminum signs are an excellent alternative to custom dibond signs. These affordable metal signs are both aesthetically pleasing and sufficiently durable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses.

Will my aluminum sign rust?

Your aluminum signs should not rust. This is true even in wet conditions. Aluminum as a metal does not rust. While the sign will not rust, like any other metal, there will be some oxidation over time but your signs should look great for 5 or more years with proper care and maintenance. You also need to be careful about what type of metal you place on your aluminum sign. The bolts and washers you install your sign with need to be rust free as well, otherwise, you may see rust form around your installation hardware on your sign.

Will my aluminum sign bend?

Generally speaking there will be bend or pliability to any aluminum sign, regardless of size. Though for smaller signs there will be significantly less bend than what is seen in larger (think 96”x48”) signs. Also, because our signs include a thick solid core, you will find much less bend in our aluminum than from most aluminum sign manufacturers. Still, for larger signs we recommend that posted signage be secured to a flat surface or to multiple posts rather than just two. Using even just a middle post is usually enough to offset any trouble caused by high winds for bigger signs attached to only two posts.

Are your aluminum signs suited for outdoors?

Yes, our aluminum signs can be used for outdoor and indoor use. The reinforced plastic core combined with the other features make our aluminum signs the ideal choice for outdoor signs.

Will my aluminum signs fade or scratch?

All of our aluminum signs are printed with weather, fade and abrasion resistant ink. Your signs shouldn’t fade or scratch through normal usage. Having said that just like with any other paint on metal, such as a painted car, if you intentionally or unintentionally scratch with a sharp object it is most likely going to scratch the surface and/or printed portion of the sign.

What can the aluminum signs be used for?

Aluminum signs are one of the best and most versatile outdoor signage options there is. Common uses for aluminum signs include parking and traffic signage, real estate and property management signs, directional signage, no trespassing, smoking and other regulatory signs, safety and caution signs, warehouse and manufacturing signs, permanent retail signs, exhibits and kiosks, restroom signs, home and garden signage, pool and beware of dog signs and many other uses. In addition to these uses. many businesses use them as exterior signage at the business’ location.

Can your aluminum signs be used with metal frames?

Yes, the aluminum signs can be used with metal frames. Though we do not currently offer metal frames, any standard frame should work with our aluminum signs assuming correct sizes are used.

How do I install my aluminum signs? / Where can I post my sign?

Aluminum signs can be affixed or mounted on a number of different surfaces. Essentially any rigid surface including brick, concrete, drywall, wood, metal, etc. can be used to mount your signs. Sign posts of the same materials can also be used. To install your signs you’ll need to drill pilot holes into the surface material and then use screws or bolts to mount the sign. If you did not select drilled holes when you ordered your signs you’ll also need to drill holes into the sign itself.

How do I wash my aluminum signs?

A non-abrasive wet cloth or rag is usually sufficient to wash your signs. Avoid using extremely strong or harsh cleaning solutions as this can ruin the sign.

How do I store my aluminum signs?

If needed, your aluminum signs can be stored at room temperature in dry conditions. We recommend putting some kind of fabric or cardboard in between aluminum signs when stacking or leaning them against each other. This will help protect against inadvertent scratching.