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Product Specs

What are the differences between a teardrop banner, feather flag banner, and regular flag?

Besides the obvious appearance and shape of each product, there are other differences that set them apart from the other.

The teardrop banner has a more taut display because of the teardrop shape. The feather flag has more material and is less taut than the teardrop banner allowing a bit more waving from the wind. Due to its shape the feather flag also offers more space to print on when the sizes are equivalent. Both the teardrop banner and the feather or flag banner are extremely similar otherwise. They are similar in shape, set up, use and display options and effectiveness. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to price and personal preference.

A standard flag is usually attached to a sturdy, vertical flag pole, rather than the bendable poles used in the teardrop and feather banners, making it more susceptible to blowing freely in the wind. The shape is also rectangular and obviously is a much different appearance than either of the other two options. We do not currently offer standard flags.

What material is your teardrop banner made out of?

Our teardrop banners are made from a durable 4 oz. polyester material, which is lightweight and flexible. Unlike our 13 oz. vinyl that we offer in our standard vinyl banners, the 4 oz. material is perfect for banners because of its lightweight properties. Polyester has a plastic-like feel to it, but is flexible and foldable.

Does the material of the poles differ depending on the size of the teardrop banner I order?

The material of the flagpole does not vary with size. All sizes use an aluminum flagpole with a small, more flexible portion of fiberglass.

Are the flagpoles designed to be interchangeable between banner sizes?

No, each flagpole is designed to support a banner of the corresponding size. If you’re displaying a medium teardrop banner, you will need to support it using a medium sized flagpole. By selecting the Pole Set option we will ensure you get the right pole set size.

What is the lifespan of your teardrop banner?

The lifespan of our teardrop banner depends on how well you care for it and day to day usage. Typically, when properly cared for, the banner will last 2+ years. Overexposure to the sun or harsh weather, like high winds and heat, will diminish the lifespan of the banner. This is detailed more in the question below.

Will exposure to sun or the elements, such as wind, affect the banner?

Placing the banner in direct sunlight will cause the quality of your design to fade quicker than if the banner was placed in shade or indoors. Notwithstanding, it typically requires prolonged and direct exposure to the sun to see any kind of fading or deterioration of the banner or printed portion.

The lifespan of your custom teardrop banner will decrease if you use the banner in harsh conditions in comparison to placing/using it indoors. If you’re displaying the banner in harsh weather conditions, like strong wind, heavy rain or snow, there is a chance that it can become permanently damaged. Strong winds can cause unwanted bending in the flagpole and could possibly knock over the banner. We recommend taking down your teardrop banner and storing it if inclement weather is imminent.

Are teardrop banners prone to tearing?

With most polyester fabrics, there is a chance that they can rip or tear when not properly cared for. We suggest keeping your banner away from sharp objects or areas or conditions where it is likely to tip over. Repeated assembly and disassembly can also cause fraying or tearing of the banner pole pocket over a period of time. Notwithstanding, assuming correct use having your banner tear is extremely rare.

How small or big can my teardrop banner be?

We offer four sizes of teardrop banners: Small (7ft), Medium (9ft), Large (11.2ft), and X-Large (13.5ft). The size variations refer to the assembled banner and flagpole. The sizes of the actual banners are: 23.17” W x 63.52” H (Small), 32.54” W x 78.64” H (Medium), 40.38” W x 101.63” H (Large), 44.95” H x 140.75” W (X-Large). The width of each banner refers to the top, where it then tapers to the bottom of the banner.

If you mount your flagpole and banner on a stand, the height will vary. The square base will add about 1/8th of an inch to the height, whereas the cross base will add 7” to the overall height.. The ground stake will add a variable height depending on how deep you drive the stake into the ground.

If I print my banner in more than one color am I charged more?

All of our banners are printed in full color, meaning that no matter how many colors you use in your design, it will not affect the cost of your banner. Size and quantity of banners as well as options selected, on the other hand, will increase the cost of your order.

Are your banners a matte or gloss finish?

The banner will have a matte finish, which means that it will not be shiny or reflective.

Will my banner melt if placed in direct sunlight or high temperatures?

Polyester will heat up in direct sunlight but it will not melt. Typically, polyester melts at around 450 degrees, so there is no need to worry about placing it in direct sunlight. However, direct sunlight over an extended period can cause fading of the design if not properly cared for.

What’s the difference between the square base and the cross base?

Both bases are weighted and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, the square base’s profile allows for it to be placed flush against the ground, reducing the chance of it being knocked over or being a tripping hazard. The square base is the heaviest base we offer, weighing in at 21 lbs. We suggest using the square base for outdoor use when wanting to place the banner on a flat, solid surface. If you’re looking to secure your banner in a grassy area, we recommend the ground stake over the square base.

The cross base is a foldable, 4-legged base that offers stability while remaining portable. Unlike the square base, the cross base fits within the teardrop banner carrying case, which allows for it to be transported to tradeshows or conventions. Being a lighter base allows for the cross base to be easily placed in storefronts or businesses without the hassle of carrying around the heavy square base. The cross base is stable enough to be placed outside. If placed outside, you can add the available water bag weight to give extra support.

What is the water bag? Can it be filled with sand?

The water bag is a plastic, inflatable, donut-shaped weight that can be placed on the cross base to increase stability of the base and flagpole. The bag, though designed for water in mind, can be filled with sand. If alternating between sand and water use, make sure the inside of the bag is dry before filling with sand. Also, ensure all sand is removed from the bag before filling it with water.

How big is the ground stake? Can it be placed in loose or thick soil?

The ground stake is 25” long (about 2 feet), with a peg to secure the teardrop banner and a surface to strike with a mallet or hammer when placing in the ground. We recommend placing the ground stake in solid soil to ensure that it is secure in the ground. Loose or soft soil will not provide the necessary stability for the flagpole, especially in windy conditions.

Is the carrying case included in my purchase of a teardrop banner? What fits inside the case?

The carrying case is an additional option that can be purchased during the design process of your banner. However, your teardrop banner will come with a pole bag that will only protect your pole set. The Pole Set option you purchase is selected by default to ensure you get poles with your banner.

The carrying case is designed to hold one teardrop banner, a disassembled flagpole set, a cross base, and a folded and empty water bag. The case includes pockets to place each flagpole piece and a pouch for the cross base to ensure that everything is secure within the case. The teardrop banner case can zip up to fully secure its contents and be carried using the handles or the included shoulder strap.

What’s the difference between the carrying case and the pole bag?

Included with your purchase of a teardrop banner is a pole bag that protects your purchased pole set. This pole bag is only intended to carry the disassembled pole set without a folded banner. The bag does not have a handle or travel strap. The carrying case is designed to carry a pole set, folded banner, and a cross base. The carrying case is not included with a teardrop banner and must be purchased separately.

Is the carrying case designed to fit all sizes of teardrop banners?

We offer two different sizes of carrying cases, depending on the size of your teardrop banner. There’s one case that is designed to fit the Small and Medium size banners, and one that is suitable for the Large and X-Large banners. If you select the option of a carrying case we will ensure the proper size gets shipped based off the size of your banner ordered.

Are your teardrop banners fire resistant?

While polyester banners do have a slight fire resistant quality to them, it is not recommended that you place them near an open flame. Polyester, when subjected to extreme heat, can melt.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my banner?

Not at all! if you have a design or logo that you wish to use you can upload it using our design tool. Or, if you’re needing help with designing a banner, you can contact us for free design assistance to work through the process with one of our professional designers.

Is the single sided option for teardrop banners mirrored or print through?

If you select a single-sided teardrop banner please be aware that it is print-through rather than duplicated on the back side. This means that someone will be able to see your printed design from the other side but the design and the text will be mirrored. To have the same message on the back side of the sign, and have it appear on both sides, you will need to select the double-sided option for your banner.

Can your teardrop banners be double sided?

Yes. We offer double sided teardrop banners for an additional cost. Please see the next question for details and design considerations for our double sided option.

For double sided tear banners, can I do different images on the front and back?

Yes. You can either design your banner so that both sides are the same or both sides are different. Simply select the “Printed Sides” option and click the “Back Side” button to design the back side of your flag however you’d like.

If I order just a banner, single or double sided, will I get a pole set with it?

No. For your teardrop banner to work you’ll need to design the banner and then select poles and your preferred stand as options. We’ve done this to allow you to purchase replacement banners in the future.

What are your other banners that you offer?

At Signs.com we offer a variety of banners for your display needs. From custom vinyl banners to fabric banners, or even retractable banners, we’ve got you covered. We also offer a feather flag banner, which is similar in design and use to the teardrop banner.

Can I buy just a teardrop banner? What about just hardware without a banner?

Currently you can order replacement or additional banners directly through our website. For hardware, pole sets, carrying case or bases, please contact us at 888-222-4929 or support@signs.com to place your order. These options are currently unavailable as standalone items on our website.


Can I put two banners on one pole?

The purchased pole set is only designed to display one banner. When securing the flagpole to the banner, it requires tying them together, which cannot be achieved when there are multiple banners.

Do I have to use the pole set purchased with my banner or can I attach the banner to any type of small pole?

We highly recommend using the purchased pole set because it is specifically designed to display the teardrop banner. Attempting to use it with any other type of pole will most likely prove to be unsuccessful. Our standard banners are a more versatile option if you’re looking to attach a sign to a variety of surfaces or in a variety of ways (rope, string, bungee, zip ties, etc.).

What are teardrop banners typically used for?

Teardrop banners are commonly used outside businesses or stores to promote sales, products, grand-openings, or events. Display prominent menu items, promotions, new management and so much more. They are also commonly used as sponsor signage at a wide range of events. The idea behind these banners is for you to capture attention of those who pass by on foot or while driving to entice them to visit your store or business. The sky is the limit for what you can use these banners for.

Will my banner become faded or worn over time?

Unless you display the banner inside or out of direct sunlight, your banner may become faded over an extended period of time. Like with any material, exposure to the outside elements can cause wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can include fading of the sign itself. Any fading that may occur will depend on the usage rate and climate in which it is used but from our experience fading is not evident before a year or more of sustained use. We also recommend storing your custom teardrop banner in stormy or extreme weather of any kind.

Installation & Care

How do I install my teardrop banner?

Installing the teardrop banner is straightforward. When assembling the flagpole, take the two smallest poles and connect them. One will have a small knob, this will be the top of the assembled pole. Next, take the next two larger poles and connect them together and combine those two with the two smaller poles you previously joined. With those four poles assembled, take the remaining largest pole and attach it to the combined pole. Now you’re ready to place the banner onto the pole by sliding the pole through the bottom pocket of the banner. Make sure you take your time sliding the pole through the pocket to avoid possible stretching or tearing of the material or unwanted bending of the pole.

Once the banner material is attached to the pole it’s time to insert it into either the ground stake or one of the other available base options. After inserting the pole into the stake or base, take the small cord from the flagpole and thread it through the small loop at the bottom of the banner material. Now that the cord is through the loop, insert the cord into the metal ring of the base. Tie a knot, securing your banner and pole to the base. Now you’re ready to place your assembled teardrop banner either in or on the ground.

The bungee for my banner broke, how do I fix this?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a replacement bungee at this time. While this small bungee helps keep the banner taut it isn’t absolutely critical to the flag functioning correctly. Thus, you have several options. The first is to continue to use the flag without it. Assuming the fabric and metal hooks respectively are not broken, any other rope or small bungee will work in the same manner. If one of the hooks are broken we recommend that you buy a replacement banner and/or pole set as needed.

How do I best care for my banner?

Depending on how often and where you place your banner, it can require occasional cleaning. If the banner becomes soiled or dirty, you can use a water and a wet cloth to remove surface dirt. We do not recommend using cleaners with strong chemicals like bleach, which could ruin the banner. The banner material is also machine washable with cold water on a light wash cycle. Hang and let air dry, rather than using a tumble or machine dryer.

How do I disassemble and store my teardrop banner?

Taking down your banner isn’t a hassle at all. Simply remove the flagpole from the base, then untie the bungee rope securing the banner to the pole. Slowly take the pole out from the banner pocket, making sure that you do not separate any of the pole pieces in the process. Once removed, you can separate the pole pieces and fold the banner neatly. Use the included pole bag to protect the pole set, or use the optional carrying case to store the poles and folded banner when not in use. This will protect your disassembled teardrop banner from unwanted damage.