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Product Specs

Do table runners fit a certain size of table? What sizes of tables are recommended?

Table runners are specifically designed to fit standard sized tables (6 ft. or 8 ft. table) running width wise on the table. Technically, table runners can be placed on any table, but we recommend that you place runners on tables with a width and height of 2.5 ft. When using such tables your custom table runner, regardless of width, should hang from the floor on one side, across the table and to the floor on the other side. If running lengthwise on a 6 ft. table, you will have an extra 9” off either end of your table. On a standard 8 ft. table the table runner will not run the entire length of the table due to the 90” maximum length of all our table runners.

Do your table runners have the ability to stretch?

Table runners are not designed to stretch. Do not try to stretch the runner to increase its length; this could damage the product. Products that we offer that incorporate fabric that can stretch include pop up displays and tension fabric displays.

What’s the difference between a table runner and a table throw? A tablecloth? A table cover?

All of these terms refer to separate products that are designed to cover a table and are sometimes used interchangeably. Though similar in application, these products are not the same. Tablecloths and table covers are usually used as protective cover for tables at parties and gatherings, preventing food and drink from damaging the table top. Tablecloths usually only hang over the front, back, and sides of the table a few inches. These tend to be more decorative and are more often used in home settings. Both table runners and table throws are specifically designed for business marketing at trade shows and events.

Table runners may be confused with table throws, but the two products do differ from one another. Table runners do not cover the entire surface of the table; they are long pieces of material (ours range from 24” x 90” to 60” x 90”) with a company’s logo or design that is displayed across the center of the table. Table runners are meant to be draped over tables that already have a tablecloth, table throw, or table cover on it (runners may be draped over tables without a cover as well). Table throws are designed to cover the entire table, being draped over the front, back, and sides of the table. In a business or event setting, this allows for storage or marketing materials, bags, etc. to be stored under the table during exhibiting hours. Unlike a tablecloth, table throws are specifically designed for use at trade shows and business events and are not designed for everyday or party use.

What material is the table runner made of? Are there any other materials available for table runners?

Our table runners are constructed of a 6.8 polyester, a lightweight and durable material that can be easily folded and displayed. This material is ideal for table runners because of its professional appearance and portability. We do not offer any other available materials for table runners.

How thick are your table runners? Do you offer any other thickness options?

We currently only offer an 6.8 oz polyester table throw. The material is 0.49 mm thick or about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper. We do not offer any other thickness at this time.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your table runners?

We offer our table runners in sizes ranging from 24” x 90” to 60” x 90” in increments of 6” for the width of the runner. If you are interested in a different size please contact us to inquire about offline availability of your preferred size.What colors do you offer for your table runners?Any color is available for your table runner to be printed in. This includes the branded portion of your design, graphics, type, and more.

Do you print double-sided table runners?

We only offer single-sided printing for our table runners. The design can cover the entire surface of the runner.

Do you offer circular table runners?

At this time we only offer table runners that fit on rectangular tables. A table runner can be placed on a small, circular table, but this can affect the visual appearance of the runner. We recommend only using a table runner on a rectangular table.

Will my table runner have seams?

There are no visible seams on the table runner. There is stitching present on the sides of the runner, but it will not affect the design portion of your table runner.

Are your table runners pleated?

The table runners we offer are not pleated.

Are the edges of your table runners hemmed?

Yes, the edges of the table runner will be hemmed. Though the stitching is visible on the sides of the runner, it is subtle and will not affect the design area. The visual appearance of the table runner will not be impacted because of this stitching.

What kind of printing process do you use for your table runners?

The design portion of your table runner will be printed using a dye sublimation process. This process permanently dyes the design into the material, increasing the durability and vibrancy of the printed area. Because the ink is absorbed into the material, there is no need to worry about chipping or peeling of the ink from the material. This printing process also makes the table runner machine washable.

Are the table runners a matte or gloss finish?

Your table runner will have a matte finish.

Should I be concerned about the table runner ripping or tearing?

There should be no need to worry about your table runner ripping or tearing when you properly display and store the product. As with any fabric material, sharp objects can pierce or rip the material. We recommend that you do not place any sharp objects on top of the table runner. Avoid storing the runner in areas where sharp objects or edges may tear the material.


Can I use table runners outdoors?

Yes, table runners can be used outdoors. We recommend only using outdoors in fair weather conditions, without wind or precipitation of any kind.

What are typical uses for your table runner?

Table runners are designed to add branding, product information, and company information to any trade show or event table. Table runners are typically used for business and promotional use and trade shows, conferences, job fairs, and seasonal events. Table runners are perfect for limited time sales, product launches, and sponsorship branding.

Are your table runner weather resistant?

Table runners are not weather resistant, nor do we recommend displaying outdoors in inclement weather. Displaying in such conditions could damage the product. If the table throw is exposed to water, wash immediately after use to prevent mold and mildew forming.

Are table runners fire resistant?

Your table throw is printed onto a flame retardant material that meets NFPA 701 SMALL SCALE. That said, we strongly recommend keeping your table throw away from any open flame or heat source.

Do your table runners come pre-treated with a stain resistant coat?

Our table runners are not treated with any special stain resistant coat.

Is there a way to secure the table runner to the table so it does not slip off? Can I use rope or string to secure my table runner to a table?

Table runners are designed to remain in place when displayed on a table without the need to secure it. The weight of the throw will keep it stationary without the use of tape, rope, or string. If needed, the materials mentioned can be used to keep the table runner in place if desired.

Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?

You will not need to worry about your design being faded or scratched off when properly displayed and stored. The dye sublimation process permanently infuses the ink into the material, preventing the ink from being damaged with proper care.

Installation & Care

How do I set up my table runner?

Placing your table runner on a table can be done in seconds. Simply unfold the runner and place it on the table (aesthetically, the middle of the table is recommended, but it can be placed anywhere you desire). Adjust the runner to ensure that it is aligned properly.

How do I store my table runner?

Store the table runner by neatly folding it, then placing it in a hard container or bin to prevent any damage while being stored or transported.

My table runner is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

Wrinkles can be removed by using a hand steamer. Do not use an iron to remove the wrinkles or a tumble dryer; both of these methods can damage the table runner.

How do I wash my table runner? Can I use a washing machine to clean it? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?

In most cases, a simple, damp cloth will remove surface dirt from the table runner. For difficult to remove stains, the runner can be machine washed with cold water on a low or gentle cycle. After washing, air dry the product by hanging or laying it out. If you need to machine dry your table runner, tumble dry at the lowest heat setting and do not mix with other textiles. Do not iron or bleach the table runner.