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Product Specs

Do table throws fit a certain size of table? What sizes of tables are recommended?

In order for the table throw to fit properly, it is best placed on the proper table size. The 6ft table throw is suitable for a table size of 72”x30”x30”, while the 8ft table throw fits a table size of 96”x30”x30”. Using the table throw on a table size that differs from these sizes will result in an improper fit and appearance.

Do your table throws have the ability to stretch?

The table throw is not designed to stretch. Trying to fit the table throw on a table that is larger than the throw’s measurements could cause damage to the product. Products that we offer that use a stretchable fabric include pop up displays and tension fabric displays.

What’s the difference between a table throw and a tablecloth? Table cover? Table runner?

Though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they may not be the same product or used for the same purpose.

A tablecloth is primarily used as a protective table cover at parties and gatherings involving food. Typically, tablecloths only cover the top portion of the table, with a few inches of material hanging over the sides. The term table cover is also often used with the same sentiment – a decorative or functional covering for an everyday table.

Table runners, are a decorative piece added over the top of a tablecloth or a table. Runners are used for decorative purposes much like a tablecloth or cover.

Alternatively, table throws are specifically designed to cover an entire table down to the floor for business or promotional use. By covering the entire table, trade show materials can be stored under the table and out of sight. Table throws are commonly used in conjunction with other marketing displays for the entrance to trade show booths where visitors and passersby can interact with a company representative and take marketing collateral from the tabletop. A branded table throw offers a professional first appearance at any event or conference.

So while there may be a difference when it comes to these similar sounding terms, if you’re looking for a branded table throw for an event or conference then we’ve got what you need!

What material is the table throw made of? Are there any other materials available for table throws?

Our table throws are made from a lightweight and durable 6.8 oz. polyester. This material is perfect for use as a table throw and provides a professional look while offering added weight. We do not offer table throws in any other material at the current time.

How thick are your table throws? Do you offer any other thickness options?

We currently only offer an 6.8 oz polyester table throw. The material is 0.49 mm thick or about the thickness of 5 sheets of copy paper. We do not offer any other thickness at this time.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your table throws?

We offer two sizes of table throws: 6ft and 8ft. The 6ft table throw is measured at 126.5” x 84”. The 8ft table throw is measured at 150.5” x 84”.

What colors do you offer for your table throws?

You can print your custom table throw any color you’d like. This includes the branded portion of your design. It can include graphics, photography, type, and more.

Do you print double-sided table throws?

We only offer single-sided printing for our table throws. Though with this single sided printing you are still able to print on all four sides of the table throw if desired. Whether you intend on having something on top of the table or not, the top portion of your table throw can also be printed on.

Do you offer circular table throws?

At this time we only offer table throws that fit on rectangular tables.

Will my table throw have seams?

There will be no seams present on your table throw regardless of which size you choose. Both our 6′ and 8′ custom table throws are one piece of fabric.

Are your table throws pleated?

The table throws we offer are not pleated.

Are the edges of your table throws hemmed?

Yes, the edges of the table throw are hemmed. Stitching is visible along the display sides of the table throw where it is hemmed. Though this stitching is subtle and often unnoticed due to most of it being far below a normal line of sight. It in no way takes away from the visual appearance of your table throw.

What kind of printing process do you use for your table throws?

Your design will be printed using a dye sublimation process. This process permanently dyes the design into the fabric of your table throw. Because the ink is dyed into the fabric it significantly increases the durability of your table throw and eliminates any potential chipping or peeling of a printed design.

Are the table throws a matte or gloss finish?

Your table throw will have a matte finish.

Should I be concerned about the table throw ripping or tearing?

You should not have to worry about the table throw ripping or tearing when it is properly displayed and stored. Sharp objects can pierce the material if care is not given when handling those objects around the table throw. Avoid placing sharp objects directly on top of the table throw when in use. Also, avoid storing the table throw in a location that has sharp edges that may tear or snag the fabric during storage.


Can I use table throws outdoors?

You can use the table throw outdoors. We recommend only using it outdoors in calm weather conditions.

What are typical uses for your table throw?

Table throws are typically used for business and promotional use at tradeshows, conventions or conferences, job fairs, and seasonal events. Use table throws to promote new product launches, sponsors, and company branding in a trade show booth or otherwise.

Are your table throws weather resistant?

Our table throws are not designed to be weather resistant. Displaying the throw in inclement weather could cause damage to the product. Prolonged exposure to rain water without immediate cleaning afterwards can result in the formation of mold and mildew.

Are table throws fire resistant?

Your table throw is printed onto a flame retardant material that meets NFPA 701 SMALL SCALE. That said, we strongly recommend keeping your table throw away from any open flame or heat source.

Do your table throws come pre-treated with a stain resistant coat?

Our table throws are not treated with any special stain resistant coat.

Is there a way to secure the table throw to the table so it does not slip off? Can I use rope or string to secure my table throw to a table?

The design of the table throw allows for it to remain stationary on a table without having to secure it. There is no need to use tape, rope, or string to attach the throw to the table. Although, in theory, any of the above mentioned materials could be used on the underside of the table to attempt to secure the table throw if desired.

Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?

The dye sublimation printing process results in a design that is both fade and scratch resistant. Normal use and proper storage of the table throw will protect the design from becoming damaged.

Installation & Care

How do I set up my table throw?

Setting up your table throw is simple and can be done in seconds. Simply unfold the throw and align the corners of the throw with the corners of the table. Adjust the throw, making sure the front, sides, and back are evenly spaced from the floor.

How do I store my table throw?

Store the table throw by neatly folding it. We recommend placing the folded throw in a hard container or bin to ensure it stays folded and out of harm’s way.

My display is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

If wrinkles are present in your table throw, simply use a handheld steamer to remove them. Do not use an iron to remove wrinkles; this can potentially damage the table throw.

How do I wash my display? Can I use a washing machine to clean my display? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?

Using a damp cloth can remove most surface dirt from the table throw. For harder to clean stains, the throw can be machine washed with warm water on a low or gentle cycle. Always use a mild detergent and do not mix the table throw with other textiles. Air dry by hanging or laying out the throw. If necessary, tumble dry the table throw by itself on the lowest heat setting. Do not bleach or iron the table throw.