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Product Specs

Does your pop up display fabric have the ability to stretch?

Yes, the fabric has some elasticity, allowing the material to stretch to fit the frame of your pop up display.

What material is the display made of? Are there any other materials available for pop displays?

The fabric of the display is made from a 8.8 oz. elastic polyester material. This material can stretch to fit the display frame while maintaining the clarity of the design. There are not currently any other materials we offer that work with the pop up display.

How does the display attach to the frame?

The display is attached to the pop up frame using velcro to secure it to the face and sides of the display. On the front of the frame there are velcro strips that run horizontally on the top and bottom of the frame as well as two vertical strips. The front of your graphic attaches to the horizontal strips of velcro. The sides of the display attach to the two vertical strips on the face of the display and two vertical strips on the backside of the frame.

Is the velcro removable?

The velcro is securely attached to the display frame and cannot be removed. The fabric display has velcro stitched into the material and is also not removable.

Does the frame require assembly?

The frame comes fully assembled. You will, however, need to expand the frame and lock in the green support arms to prepare the framework for displaying. This is most easily accomplished with at least two people.

How do the green support arms work?

There are two sections to the green support arms. One portion has a “hook” end while the other has a ridge. By pressing the frame together the green support arms will slide into place. The hooked edge will slide over the ridge portion and click or snap into place. Pressing down one can easily “unhook” all of the green support bars in order to collapse the frame.

What if one of the green support arms won’t click into place?

What if one of the green support arms won’t click into place?

Are stand up displays and pop up displays the same thing?

Pop up displays and stand up displays are synonymous in nature. Both refer to a frame that can easily be pulled upwards and locked into place. Similar trade show or display signs that require assembling a frame made up of poles are described further in the question below.

What are the differences between the pop up display, tension fabric display and your step and repeat banner?

All three display options are designed for efficient portability. They are also most similarly used at tradeshows and events. The main differences in each display are the construction and assembly of the frame itself and the tautness of the actual display graphic.

The pop up display is designed to, as the name implies, pop up when assembled. This display does not require attaching separate poles, but there are support arms that need to be snapped together. Notwithstanding, the frame is one cohesive piece from the moment you pull it out of the box. The fabric display is attached using velcro and has a degree of stretchability to extend across the front and sides of the frame. This lends towards a very taut display and appearance.

Tension fabric displays are assembled using a tent pole (bungee cords inside) style of frame that is snapped together using a push button locking mechanism. The fabric is stretched over the top of the entire frame like a pillowcase, providing a smooth and very taut display surface.

Step and repeat banners are assembled using a pole system that both snaps together and requires screws in a few areas. The fabric banner is attached with poles that are inserted in to pole pockets on the top and bottom of the banner. The frame is adjustable and can be raised or lowered to change the tension in the display fabric. The step and repeat banner offers the least taut display of the three options due to the material not being a stretchable fabric.

What are the differences in the materials that you offer for your various displays? Tension fabric versus polyester fabric display and a muslin fabric display? What about canvas, vinyl, and mesh displays?

Tension fabric is an elastic polyester that can be stretched to be pulled taut against a display frame. Tension fabric is used with both our pop up displays and tension fabric displays. Standard polyester fabric does not allow the same degree of stretchability but is still a high quality material that is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for display use. Standard polyester is used in our fabric banners and step and repeat banners. Both tension fabric displays and polyester fabric banners have the design printed using dye sublimation. This means the ink is printed into the actual fabric making for a long lasting and durable printed graphic.

Muslin fabrics can be compared to a lightweight cotton cloth. Comprised of a natural cotton, this material is one of the least durable fabrics for display use. Designs are either screen printed onto the material or stitched or sewn into the material. Muslin displays are typically used for indoor decorative purposes only and are not suitable for extended display outdoors. We do not currently offer any products using muslin.

Canvas prints are made from a thick linen or cotton blend. Though thicker than muslin fabrics, canvas is not as durable as a polyester fabric. Canvas is used for painting, printing photographs, or as a decorative display. Our canvas prints are part of our Signs For Home product line and used more for home decor purposes rather than trade show uses.

Vinyl is the thickest material, offering unmatched durability. Our vinyl banners are made from a 13 oz. vinyl and are printed on using UV ink, resulting in a vibrant and versatile display. This material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is commonly used for outdoor advertising displays because of its general resistance to weather and sunlight.

Can the pop up display be used as a photography backdrop?

The pop up display is suitable for use as a photography backdrop. When implemented as a backdrop, we recommend using the optional LED lights or professional photography lights to create a professional display. Please note that while the pop up display can be used as a photography backdrop it doesn’t come with any professional photography accessories like a normal backdrop would. It is simply another way to use the product in addition to events, trade shows, conferences, etc.

Are the LED lights included with my purchase?

The LED lights are an additional purchase option that can be chosen while creating your custom pop up display. In order to include LED lights, while using our design tool, simply find the ‘Options’ area below the editing area and select the LED light option.

How do I attach the LED lights to my display?

The LED lights can be attached at the top of your display. The display has built-in attachment points that the lights slide into. Once attached to the frame, plug in both of the power units for the lights. In most cases you will need an extension cord and power bar depending on where your power source is.

How thick are your pop up displays? Do you offer any other thickness options?

The fabric is 8.8 oz. tension polyester. We do not offer additional thickness options for the graphic material for our pop up displays. The depth of the side panels where your graphic is displayed is approximately 12”.

Does overuse of the pop up display result in the fabric losing its stretchability?

Using the product regularly should not diminish the stretchability of the fabric. The lifespan of the fabric is generally 3+ years with proper care and storage.

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your pop up displays?

The 8 ft pop up display has an actual width of 89 inches, a height of 89 inches, and a depth of 12 inches. The naming of the display refers to the width of the display rounded up to the nearest foot. This is a standard practice within the signage industry.

The 10 ft display has an actual width of 118 inches, a height of 89 inches, and a depth of 12 inches. The naming of the display refers to the width of the display rounded up to the nearest whole number. This is a standard practice within the signage industry.

Is the frame adjustable in size?

The pop up display frame is not adjustable in size. Trying to expand the frame beyond its design specifications will permanently damage the frame.

Can the frame be adjusted to create a curved display?

No, the pop up frame cannot be adjusted or altered to create a curved display. If you are interested in curved pop up displays please contact us.

Do you print double-sided pop up displays?

We do not offer double-sided pop up displays at this time.

Does the pop up display allow light to pass through it? Does it offer a degree of transparency?

The pop up display is not designed to be transparent, but light can pass through the fabric material. Light sources behind the display can cause the frame of the display to be silhouetted through the fabric. The color of your actual graphic will also impact the transparency of the display. Alternatively, displaying against a wall and away from light sources behind your graphic will limit the amount of light passing through the display.

What material is the frame made out of?

The frame is comprised of a lightweight aluminum which provides excellent durability and portability. The green support arms are a hard plastic.

Will the display sag or bunch up when displayed on the frame?

When properly attached to the frame, the display will not sag or bunch up. Attaching the fabric to the frame may require you to pull the velcro taut to ensure the display is smooth and wrinkle free. If poorly done initially, achieving a taut display may require detaching, pulling tight and reattaching the display to the velcro strips several times to get maximum tautness.

Will my display have seams?

There are no seams in the display. There will be stitching that is barely visible where the velcro is attached to the fabric. This stitching will be around the perimeter of the display and will not impact the appearance of your design.

Are the edges of your pop up displays hemmed?

The edges are not hemmed but there will be stitching where the velcro is attached to the fabric. This stitching is unnoticable at a distance and will not affect the quality of the design and display.

What kind of printing process do you use for your pop up displays?

We use a dye sublimation process to print the design on your pop up display. The result is a vibrant, long-lasting design that will not fade or diminish in quality.

Are the pop up displays a matte or gloss finish?

The printed portion of your display will have a matte finish.

Should I be concerned about the pop up display ripping or tearing?

Should I be concerned about the pop up display ripping or tearing?

Can I use rope or string to secure my display to a solid object?

Since tension fabric displays are designed specifically for indoor use, there is no need to use ropes or string as anchoring. As such, the frame is not designed with anchor points or loops to tie down the frame or fabric display itself.

How do I create a picture or photo display?

Creating a display with a photo or pictures is easily achieved in our design tool. Begin by clicking the “Get Started” button on the pop up display product page, then choose the blank template option. We also offer a link to a blank template under our “Popular Templates” section.

Once in our design tool, click on the “Upload Image” button under the “Design Tools” tab on the left of the page. Image files can be up to 25MB, so make sure that your file does not exceed that limit. Your file can be a photo or picture or a design file. Simply verify that it the file type is accepted.

For files larger than 25MB please use a smaller file for your initial purchase and upload the high resolution file to upload.signs.com. We’ll swap out the file with the better one before printing. With your image uploaded into the design tool, you can arrange it and add complementary text to your display, if desired. If you’re having trouble or need additional assistance in designing your display, you can contact us for free design help or even just for help uploading larger files.


Can I use a pop up displays outdoors?

Though designed for indoor use, pop up displays can be used outdoors in fair weather conditions. We highly recommend limiting outdoor use to prolong the lifespan of your pop up display. We also recommend weighing down the pop up display in some way to avoid it being knocked or blown over and puncture and/or damage to the frame. Because it is intended for indoor use we do not offer any accessories to weigh it down.

What are typical uses for your pop up displays?

The ease of setup and portability make pop up displays a versatile signage solution. Pop up displays are excellent for displaying products and promotional material at tradeshows, conventions, and special events. These displays can be used as backdrops for photographs at weddings, promotional events, and media interviews. Sponsors can be displayed using custom pop up displays at races and other events, as well as images of new products, services, and event information.

Can I use a different display with the frame?

The pop up display frame is only designed to support the graphic specifically designed for it. Fabric displays which are not designed for the frame would not result in a professional looking pop up display.

Are your pop up displays weather resistant?

Pop up displays are not designed to be weather resistant. We highly caution against using pop up displays outside without first knowing the risks of potentially permanent damage to the display. This potential for damage is particularly true in any kind of bad weather in which the display itself can be knocked over or subject to the elements beyond sunlight.

Can I use rope or string to secure my display to a solid object?

The pop up frame is not designed with anchor points where rope or string can be attached. It is possible to tie rope or string to the frame, but doing so could damage the frame. Proper indoor use of the pop up display would not require tying down the display.

Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?

The design is both scratch and fade resistant, providing you with a durable, long-lasting printed graphic.

How do I properly disassemble my pop up display?

Disassembling your display is as easy as setting it up. First, if the LED lights are being used disconnect them from the power source and take them off the top of your display. Next, carefully remove the graphic by peeling away the edges attached by velcro. We recommend starting at one corner and working down for the easiest removal of the graphic. Fold the display so it can be stored properly. Put it in the shipping bag or a similar protective bag for safe storage. The next step is to loosen the green support arms. This can be done with the the display standing straight up or lying on the ground. We recommend the former if you have two or more people taking it down and/or if the surface is one that the velcro edges will stick to. If any green support arm isn’t easily unhooked move on to other support arms and come back to the stubborn ones. Once all the support arms are detached then the frame will collapse with a little bit of effort in squeezing it together. In its compact state it can be put in the carrying case that is provided with your purchase. The carrying case should also allow for the fabric display to fit. As mentioned above, make sure to put the fabric display into the plastic bag it is shipped in, or another similar bag, to protect it while stored in the carrying case.

Installation & Care

How do I set up my pop up display?

The pop up display is designed to be set up quickly. We recommend setting up the display with more than one person to speed up the process. The velcro on the display is strong, so we recommend not setting up the display on any carpeted surface. If the showroom or area you are setting up has carpet, assemble the display vertically. Horizontal assembly is best if only one person is available to set up the display.

The frame is quickly extended by pulling the sides outward from the center of the frame. Once the frame is completely extended, lock in all of the green support arms. These support arms are connected by a plastic snap mechanism that requires force to push one end into the other. Support arms are secure when the plastic snap is completely over the lip of the other arm. It may be difficult to snap together some of the support arms at first due to lack of tension in the frame. There’s no specific order to snap together the support arms; focus on those that can be snapped together easily and wait to work on those that may be difficult until the end when there is natural tension pushing them together.

Once the support arms are snapped into place, it’s time to put the display fabric on the frame. Do this by starting from one corner of the display, working towards the opposite corner. Since velcro can be difficult to work with, take your time making sure the display fabric is laid smoothly and tautly across the frame. When the front of the display is completely covered, attach the sides of the fabric to either side of the display in the same manner as the front of the display.

With the display fabric fully attached to the frame, stand the completed pop up display upright if you’ve assembled it on the ground or horizontally. You can attach the optional LED lights once the display is completed. Simply slide each light on to the included anchor points at the top of the display frame.

How do I store my display?

We recommend storing your pop up display in the carrying case that is provided. Doing so will protect both the frame and display fabric from being damaged. After collapsing the frame and putting it in the bag, fold the display fabric so that the design is facing inwards; this helps protect the design and helps to avoid having the velcro stick to anything. When putting the graphic into the case with the frame, make sure that it is put into the plastic bag it shipped in or some kind of similar covering to protect it from punctures or tears. Also, take care when putting it in and taking it out to avoid damage to the graphic itself.

One of the green connecting arms is broken, what do I do?

Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement parts for the pop up frame. If there are only a few that are broken the display may still be usable. It will all depend on if the existing support arms can fully support the frame and how much tension is provided to correctly display the graphic.

My display is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

Keeping the fabric taught on the display can help prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. If wrinkles are present on the display, using a handheld steamer will quickly remove them. Fold lines may be present in the fabric after shipping, so it’s best to steam the display before its first use.

How do I wash my display? Can I use a washing machine to clean my display? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?

The fabric of the display is machine washable with cold water on a low spin cycle. Do not use bleach or heavy detergents when cleaning the fabric. Only air dry the fabric; using a tumble dryer will ruin the fabric. The frame can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any built up grime around the moving parts.