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Product Specs

Do your fabric displays have the ability to stretch?

Unlike our regular fabric and vinyl banners, the tension fabric has an elastic, stretchable quality, allowing your display to stretch over the stand to create a smooth fabric surface. The tension fabric material is designed specifically to stretch over the display frame.

What material is the display made of? Are there any other materials available for tension fabric displays?

The tension fabric display is made out of an elastic polyester which allows the material to stretch without impacting the durability or clarity of the display. We only offer tension fabric for this product.

What are the differences between the tension fabric display and your step and repeat display?

While both displays offer portability and ease of setup, there are differences that set these two products apart. The tension fabric display is designed with an elastic polyester material, which allows the display to fit snuggly over the frame. The frame itself is assembled using a snap-button design with aluminum poles with bungee cords on the inside for easy assembly. The assembled display has a virtually smooth design surface.

The step and repeat banner display does not incorporate elasticity, but is hung using poles inserted into pockets on the top and bottom of the display material. These poles are attached to the vertical frame to create the fully-assembled step and repeat display. Since the display is not stretched over the frame, it is not completely pulled taut when displayed.

What are the differences in the materials that you offer for your various displays? Tension fabric versus polyester fabric display and a muslin fabric display? What about canvas, vinyl, and mesh displays?

Tension fabric is a high quality, elastic polyester that can be stretched to be pulled taut against a display frame. On the other hand, standard polyester fabric does not allow the same degree of stretchability but is still a high quality material that is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for display use. Both tension fabric and polyester fabric displays have the design printed using dye sublimation. Tension fabric displays obviously use the tension fabric while our fabric and step and repeat banners use normal polyester.

Muslin fabrics are comprised of a natural cotton, which can be compared to lightweight cotton cloth. Designs are either screen printed onto the material or stitched in. Muslin displays are typically used for indoor decorative purposes only. We do not offer any products with muslin.

Canvas prints or displays are made from a thick linen or cotton blend. This material is thicker and more durable than muslin fabric, but is not viable replacement for polyester fabric. Canvas is used for painting, printing photographs, or as a decorative display. Our canvas prints are part of our Signs For Home product line and used more for home decor purposes rather than trade show uses.

Vinyl is the thickest material, offering unmatched durability. Our vinyl banners are made from a 13 oz. vinyl and are printed on using UV ink. This material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is commonly used for outdoor advertising displays because of its general resistance to weather and sunlight.
Can the tension fabric displa

Can the tension fabric display be used as a photography backdrop?

Can the tension fabric display be used as a photography backdrop?

How thick are your tension fabric displays? Do you offer any other thickness options?

The material of our fabric display is 8.8 oz., which is offers a high-quality thickness while not limiting the ability of the fabric to stretch. We’ve found that this thickness of fabric is best for this product option and, as such, do not offer any other thickness for tension fabric displays.

Does overuse of the fabric display result in the fabric losing its stretchability?

No, the elastic polyester allows the display to maintain stretchability throughout the lifetime of the product (3+ years with proper care).

What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your fabric displays?

When fully assembled, the 8ft tension fabric display and frame will have an actual display width of 90 inches (7’ 6”) and a height of 89.5 inches (7’ 4.5”).

The 10ft tension fabric display and frame will have and actual display width of 115 inches (approx 9’ 6”) and a height of 89.5 inches (7’ 4.5”).

The naming of the 8ft and 10ft tension fabric displays reflects the width of the display rounded to the nearest whole number as is common in the signage industry. This allows your backdrop to properly fit within your 8ft or 10ft tradeshow booth area without infringing on your neighbors.

Is the frame adjustable in size?

No, the frame for the tension fabric display is not adjustable.

Can the frame be adjusted to create a curved display?

The frame is designed only for a straight tension backdrop and is unable to be adjusted to fit a curved display.

Do you offer curved tension display displays?

At this time we do not currently offer a curved tension fabric display. If you are interested in curved displays with tension fabric please contact us or check back soon!

Do you print double-sided tension displays?.How do I enable this option?

Yes, we do offer a double-sided option for our tension displays. To order a double-sided display, simply select the option in our design tool, then choose whether or not you want the same design on the back side or a different design printed there. You can design the back side of your tension display by clicking the ‘back side’ button under the design area.

Does the fabric display allow light to pass through it? Does it offer a degree of transparency?

The stretchable fabric material allows very little to no light through it. There may be faint light visible through the display for lighter colored designs or bright lights directly behind the display. Otherwise, it is not designed to be transparent.

How does the display attach to the frame?

The fabric display is easily attached to the frame by pulling it over the top of the frame. The elasticity of the material allows the display to fit snuggly over the frames and is then secured using a zipper at the bottom to ensure the display does not slowly slip from the frame. This is commonly called a pillow case display.

What material is the frame made out of?

The poles which make up the frame or stand are made from a lightweight aluminum, which give the display a rigid frame to be secured to while providing excellent lightweight portability.

Do the aluminum poles have bungee cords inside of them?

Yes. The individual poles have bungee cords inside them for easy set up.

If the zipper breaks, is the fabric display portion unusable?

While it isn’t essential to zip the fabric display after attaching it to the frame, we do recommend displaying a tension fabric display when the zipper is working properly. Doing so simply helps ensure the display remains taut and gives the best aesthetic value. Nonetheless, in our experience the stretchable fabric itself will usually keep your display taut even if the zipper is unzipped or broken.

Will the display sag or bunch up when displayed on the frame?

When properly attached to the frame, with the zipper closed, your custom tension fabric display will not bunch up or sag when displayed. Tension provided by the frame will cause the display to remain taut and wrinkle free while being displayed.

Will my display have seams?

There will be no seams in your tension display. There is stitching down the side of the fabric that is barely visible and will not affect the overall appearance of your display.

Are the edges of your tension fabric displays hemmed?

There are no hemmed edges on the tension fabric display. The sides do have stitching that is unnoticeable when displayed. The zipper portion of the banner is concealed at the bottom of the fabric display and will not be visible when displayed.

What kind of printing process do you use for your tension fabric displays?

We use a dye sublimation process to print the design onto the tension fabric. This process is specifically implemented to adhere the ink to the fabric material, creating a vibrant, long-lasting design.

Are the fabric displays a matte or gloss finish?

Your tension fabric display will have a vibrant, matte finish that will remain clear when stretched across the metal frame.

How do I create a picture or photo display?

Creating a photo or picture display is simple. Begin by clicking the “Get Started” button on the tension fabric display product page, then choose the blank template option. We also offer a link to a blank template under our “Popular Templates” section.

Once in our design tool, click on the “Upload Image” button under the “Design Tools” tab on the left of the page. Image files can be up to 25MB, so make sure that your file does not exceed that limit. If it does please use a smaller files for your initial purchase and upload the high resolution file to upload.signs.com. We’ll swap out the file with the better one before printing. With your image uploaded into the design tool, you can arrange it and, if desired, add complementary text to your display.

If you’re having trouble or need additional assistance in designing your display, you can contact us for free design help or even just for help uploading larger files.


Can I use tension fabric displays outdoors?

Tension fabric displays are specifically designed for indoor use. We do not recommend using tension displays outdoors, as this will decrease the longevity of the display. They also will not work in any kind of inclement weather. We offer a variety of outdoor display displays that can be used as an alternative to a custom tension fabric display if you are looking for an outdoor display or sign.

What are typical uses for your tension fabric displays?

The uses for tension fabric displays are almost limitless. The large display area and portable design provide for an exceptional mobile advertising for businesses at trade shows, conventions, and retail displays. These displays are an effective backdrop for photographs and video at business events, weddings, corporate sponsor dinners, and media interviews. Optional LED lights enhance the aesthetics of the custom tension fabric display.

Can I use a different display with the frame?

The frame used is designed specifically to support a tension fabric display and is not equipped to display a different display type or size. This is true even with the larger tension display we use. The frames and fabric displays of the two sizes are not interchangeable.

Are your tension fabric displays weather resistant?

We recommend that you use your custom tension fabric display indoors. Nonetheless, they are suitable for outdoor use with a couple of caveats. The first is the that outdoors may present a situation in which the display is damaged or torn due to sharp objects and piercing. The second is that while the frame is made from durable aluminum it is not anchored or weighted to the ground in any way. Thus, inclement weather such as strong wind will make it unsuitable unless the display is weight down in some way. Even when weighted, the wind can cause the display to act like a sail and be unwieldy outdoors. The last caveat is that the display is in no way meant to be a permanent exterior display of any kind. So while we recommend that your display primarily be used indoors, under the right conditions the display can be used temporarily outdoors when needed.

Can I use rope or string to secure my display to a solid object?

Since tension fabric displays are designed specifically for indoor use, there is no need to use ropes or string as anchoring. As such, the frame is not designed with anchor points or loops to tie down the frame or fabric display itself.

Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?

Your design is printed using dye sublimation which means the ink goes into the fabric to help reduce fading and scratching of the ink. With proper care and storage your design will last for years to come.

If I purchased the optional LED lights how do I set them up?

If you purchased the LED lights your shipment will contain two additional parts for your assembly. These parts are half-moon in shape and go over the top pole. With the attached screw you simply tighten the screw to lock them into place. The bottom of the LED lights is then designed to slide into a corresponding part of the pieces just attached. Simply drop the wires down the backside of your design and connect them to a power source.

How many watts are the LED lights?

Each LED light is 40W. We’ve found that these are perfect to add a touch of light to your beautiful display but not be so overwhelming that it distracts from the display or booth itself.

Installation & Care

How do I set up my tension fabric display?

Assembling your tension fabric display can be done in a few simple steps and is easily done when you follow the instructions included. To help explain the process, we have included a step-by-step list below.

Included in the frame set are 4 main poles and 2 L-shaped pole connectors. The pole frame set employs a push-button locking mechanism that secures the poles together, with an inner bungee cord that aids in the assembly process. The poles are labeled at each end with a numbered sticker, which corresponds to a number on the connecting pole part. The side labeled ‘1’ will attach to another side labeled ‘1’ and so on and so forth. We will refer to the individual poles by the numbers on each end (for example, 2-3 is the top pole and 1-6 is one of the side poles). Construct the frame on the ground to help aid in the ease of assembly.

First, you will insert the side poles (1-6 and 4-5) into the bottom pole (5-6). To insert the poles into the corresponding end, press down on the silver button and push the end of the pole into the opening until the silver button clicks into place. Once each side pole is attached to the base pole, attach the L-shape pole pieces (1-2 and 3-4) to the top pole (2-3). Attach the completed top piece to the two pole sides of the bottom piece.

With the frame constructed it’s time to slip the display over the top of the frame. Have the front of the display facing forward and carefully put the display on the frame as you would slip a pillow case on a pillow. The tension material will allow the display to stretch to fit the frame, creating a snug hold on the frame. When the fabric display is fully over the frame, use the zipper on the bottom of the display to secure it in place on the frame. Place the completed frame set on the bases, which fit into the bottom of the poles at each side of the frame.

Now that the tension display is completed, and with the help of another person, elevate the display to its upright position.

How do I store my display?

We recommend storing your display in the provided carrying case with the fabric display removed from the frame.

My display is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?

Any wrinkles present on your display can be removed simply by attaching it to the display frame. The nature of the tension fabric prevents wrinkles from being seen when stretched over the frame. Fold lines and creases could be present when first unwrapped from being shipped. If need be, a handheld steamer will help quickly remove any unwanted wrinkles or creasing. Do not iron the display, doing so could permanently damage your display.

How do I wash my display? Can I use a washing machine to clean my display? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?

The tension fabric display is machine washable with cold water on a low cycle setting. Do not use any heavy detergents or bleach when washing the display. Only allow the display to air dry. Do not use a tumble dryer, this will cause warping of the fabric and possible damage to the printed design.