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Product Specs

What is the difference between an X-Stand banner, X-Frame banner and ‘X banner’?

For all intents and purposes, nothing! These terms are all interchangeable and refer to what we offer on this page. I.e. a portable and versatile frame with an accompanying 13 oz. vinyl banner.

What material is your X-Stand banner made out of?

The banner itself is a 13 oz. vinyl, which is an extremely durable and attractive material.

The X-Stand frame itself is comprised of a fiberglass reinforced aluminum frame with plastic joints, allowing for lightweight durability that is unique to this foldable sign.

Do the banners have a hem around the edge?

The banners used with the X-Stand as described on this page do not have a hemmed edge. Our standard vinyl banners that do not come with an X-Stand can have a welded hem.

How are the banners attached to the X-Stand?

Each banner is designed with metal grommets placed in each corner of the banner to secure it to the stand. The grommeted holes in the banner then attach to hooks which are part of the arms of the X-Stand. This can be seen in the picture gallery on this page.

Are there different material options for the stand too?

As of right now we do not offer any other material options for our stand. In our experience, the aluminum stand is suitable for all display purposes because of its simple, lightweight design.

What is the lifespan of your X-Stand banner?

Though we do not recommend using the X-Stand banner outdoors, if you do place it in direct sunlight it can diminish the quality of the design on the banner over time. Nonetheless, a visible negative impact from sunlight would require an extended period in direct sunlight. For regular day to day use in which the banner is set up and taken down the sunlight will not negatively affect the printed banner.

Harsh weather conditions, like heavy wind or rain, can cause damage to the banner and stand. The lightweight frame does not make it ideal for displaying outdoors. Thus, we recommend using the X-Stand banner indoors for more temporary needs and our custom vinyl banners for extended or permanent outdoor use.

How small or big can my X-Stand banner be?

We offer the X-Stand banner in two different sizes: 24” W x 63” H and 32” Wx 71” H.

What are the weights of each size of X-Stand banner?

The weights for each are as follows (includes stand plus banner):
Smaller – 3.3 lbs
Larger – 3.9 lbs

Can the X-Stand fit different sizes of banners? Is it adjustable?

The X-Stand is designed to support the banner that it comes with. If you order a 24” W x 63” H banner with a stand, the stand will only be able to support that banner size. The height of the stand is not adjustable, but the bottom anchor points where the banner is connected to the stand can slide up and down to ensure that the banner is taut and wrinkle free.

If I print my banner in more than one color am I charged more?

Because we print all of our banners in full color you will not be charged extra for using multiple colors in your design. The cost of the banner will only be affected if you increase the size of the banner of the quantity of banners you purchase.

Do I have to use one of your templates for my X-Stand banner?

Our templates are provided as a general guide which you do not have to use. If you have a design that you want to use for your banner, feel free to upload it using our design tool. If you’re still not sure how to incorporate your own design, we can offer free design help. Just give us a call or email with your questions and we’ll help you to the best of our ability.

What if my banner is wrinkled? How do I remove the wrinkles?

If your banner is wrinkled or creased we recommend placing the banner in direct sunlight for a few hours to help the vinyl stretch, removing any wrinkles. If you do not have access to direct sunlight, using a hand steamer can also assist in removing wrinkles. Do not use an iron to get rid of any creases as this may damage your banner.

Will any banner with 4 grommets in the corners work with the stand?

Technically speaking, yes, any 4 grommet banner will work with the stand as long as the banner is the correct size. Nonetheless, we do recommend using our banners to ensure that it fits properly on the stand.

Is the banner a matte or glossy finish/appearance?

The vinyl material of the banner will have a semi-gloss finish, whereas the ink that is used in your design will have a matte finish. If your design covers the entire area of the banner, including colored backgrounds, then the banner will have a matte finish.

Is the 13 oz. vinyl fire resistant?

Yes, our vinyl banners are fire resistant and have passed the California State Fire Marshal, NFPA 701 Flame Test. Of course, we do not recommend placing your banners near open flames or extreme heat.

Can the banner be double sided?

The banners included with the X-Stand are not double sided. But, in theory, if you have a banner that is double sided that fits the X-Stand, you can attach it and flip the banner for different display purposes.

I have a banner in a different material of this exact size. Will that be interchangeable?

It is possible that it could be used with the X-Stand, but we cannot guarantee that it will fit or not.

Is the travel bag included with my purchase of the banner and stand? What fits inside?

The travel bag is included with your purchase. The travel bag has a drawstring at the top to close it. The stand and two poles that make up the stand portion of your purchase will fit inside the bag. The banner can also easily be rolled up, with the design on the inside, and transported inside the bag.

Please note that this travel bag differs from the carrying case that come with the feather and flag banners that we offer. These two transport options are not interchangeable across products. There is no additional optional carrying case for our X-Stand banners.

Does the travel bag have a handle or strap?

The travel bag has an easy to use strap attached to it in order to sling the bag and contents over one’s shoulder for easy transport.

Can I order a replacement for my travel bag?

At this time we do not offer a replacement for the travel bag only.

What other banner types do you offer?

At Signs.com, we offer a variety of banner types for an unlimited range of uses. We offer standard vinyl banners, fabric banners, feather banners, teardrop banners, and retractable banners. All of our banners are a high quality signage solution that will meet your display and advertising needs.

How does the X-Stand banner differ from your retractable banner?

Though similar in purpose and portability, there are differences that set these two banners apart. The X-Stand banner folds out and is supported by three legs, making it stable on the ground. This feature does mean that it takes up a little more floor space. The retractable banner is a single metal base that the banner rolls up into, which, when assembled, doesn’t take up a lot of floor space.

The sizes of banners offered for each product differ as well. With the X-Stand, you will be able to produce smaller sizes compared to the retractable banner. The retractable banner does offer the tallest banner between the two, measuring at 88” in height.

Both the X-Stand and Retractable banners offer a portable and effective banner to be used for temporary uses such as events, conferences, presentations and even point of purchase advertising. The retractable banner will most likely be a little more durable due to the construction of the base when compared to the X-Stand banner but will also be more expensive. For many, it is a simple matter of preference when choosing between these similar products.

Will my banner tear?

Our banners are made from a durable 13 oz vinyl that is resistant to tearing up to 67 lbs x 64 lbs of pressure. It is highly unlikely that your banner will tear.

Are there any options available to help weigh down or secure the stand like your teardrop or feather banners?

We do not currently offer any weights or ropes to help secure your X-Stand. The stand is not designed with any specific anchor points where a weight or rope can be secured. It could be possible to secure the stand by adding weight or tying it down, though it is not intended to be modified in such way. For this reason, we recommend indoor use only.

Can I purchase just a replacement banner without ordering a stand and travel bag?

Yes, you can purchase a separate banner without a stand. Simply order the correct size vinyl banner from the site. Here are the specific sizes of the X-Stand frames and their corresponding banner sizes:

Smaller – 24” W x 63” H
Larger – 32” W x 71” H


Can I place or use the X-Stand banner outside?

As noted above and in theory, the X-Stand banner can be used outdoors. Though, we do not recommend it because of its lightweight frame. The stand and banner can easily be knocked over by someone or blown over by the wind. The banner will act like a sail and catch even the smallest gust of wind. We would suggest you only use the X-Stand banner indoors. We offer better outdoor signs including: A-Frame signs or vinyl banners.

What are X-Stand banners typically used for?

The X-Stand banner is perfect for displaying information at conferences, trade shows, or presentations. It can also be used for temporary indoor directional signage, point of purchase displays, church events and services and more. The lightweight, foldable frame allows for simple portability for you to take on business trips or presentation tours. The easy setup and takedown make it an effortless and effective display medium. This portability combined with the travel bag will make your life that much easier.

Installation & Care

How do I best care for my X-Stand banner?

When not using your X-Stand banner, store it in its travel bag to protect it from being damaged. Store it on a shelf or away from the ground to avoid it from being stepped on or kicked. Don’t place anything on top of the folded banner when it is being stored. When set up, the banner should be placed in areas where it will not be bumped or knocked down. It’s possible that the stand can accumulate dust or dirt in the areas where the parts collapse. Use water and a moist non-abrasive cloth to clean those areas. Cleaning the banner itself also requires water and a damp cloth to remove surface dirt.

How do I setup my X-Stand banner?

Setting up the X-Stand banner is as easy as setting up a folding chair. The stand will come in three separate pieces: the stand and two poles. Simply fold the stand out as though you are folding out an A-Frame sign. Once you have the stand set up, place each pole into a respective hole at the top of the stand. There is no need to secure the poles by a screw, or by twisting, they simply attach using friction. Attach the banner to the stand starting from the top. The grommets will fit nicely over the hooks on the poles. Moving to the bottom of the banner, find the adjustable hooks on the legs of the banner. Insert the hooks in the bottom grommets, then pull each attached hook down to straighten the banner out. Tighten the hooks by twisting the movable piece at the top of each hook in the clockwise direction. This will give your banner a crisp look while being displayed.

How do I store my X-Stand banner?

It is recommended that you store your X-Stand banner in its travel bag to protect from unwanted damage. When storing the banner, make sure it is rolled up nicely, not too tight, to avoid causing creases or wrinkles in the material.