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Teardrop Flags


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What is a Teardrop Flag?

Teardrop flags, in the same family as Feather and Rectangle Flag Banners are large flags with a teardrop shape. They are used commonly for attracting attention to a product or business and for advertising purposes. The teardrop flag banner is set up and stabilized using poles, stakes or other base options for outdoor or indoor use and will be an eye-opener for anyone passing by it.


Small Medium Large X-Large
24.2″x65.5″ 34.4″x81.6″ 42.3″x103.5″ 48″x145.3″
Front Front Front Front
Back Back Back Back

Teardrop Flag Options

Double Sided

If you choose this option, your messaging will be visible from both sides of the Teardrop Flag banner, which creates the most effective teardrop flag you can own. You can print the same or different images on each side, depending on what is required.

Single Sided

If you choose this option your image will be printed on one side of the Teardrop Flag but the backside of the image will be somewhat visible from the other side although the image will be in reverse.


You will often see Teardrop Flags displayed outdoors and this is because they are durable and weather resistant. There are different installation options for securing your feather flag during outdoor usage and except for extreme conditions, feather flags can be used in any season.


Teardrop Flags are displayed at hotels, conference & exposition centers, malls, museums and other event-holding locations. There are specific base options that work effectively for indoor usage.

Base Options



Perfect for indoors and suitable for outdoors with flat surfaces and little or no wind

Ground Stake

This option is a long metal spike that is placed in the ground to effectively secure the Teardrop Flag.


Cross Base

This is a foldable 4-legged base used mostly indoors.

Cross Base with Water Bag

This helps to make your Teardrop Flag even more stable.



Using 4 oz. Polyester material, clear and bright colors will be displayed on your feather flag that can withstand outdoor weather conditions.


Design elements include multiple text, image, font, logo and colors to make your Teardrop Flag unique.

Assembling Your Teardrop Flag

The process for setting up your feather flag includes putting together the pole set, unfolding the banner, sliding the banner over the pole set and then place it on the base that you choose.

Taking Care of Your Teardrop Flag

With proper maintenance, Teardrop Flags will last for years. It is ok to machine wash them but do not put in a dryer and do not iron your banner.


Additional Specs

Weight: 8 lbs. (including base options)
Thickness: 4 oz polyester fabric
Details: Made of 4 oz polyester material, flags can be digitally printed on one or both sides with your image or design. Each flag attaches to an aluminum/fiberglass pole set, and there are a variety of optional bases to choose from.
Uses: Indoor and outdoor use to display business logos, promotions, sales, advertisements, and products or services. Often see noutside of businesses, at conferences, on campuses, tradeshows and other event locations.
Print Method: Full color digital dye sublimation process
Estimated Lifespan: 2+ years with proper care and maintenance
Common Sizes: 7ft, 9ft, 11.2ft, 13.5ft (includes height of base)

Sizing Chart


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